Thursday, April 04, 2013

Been back in SF after a couple years on the road off and on with Cabaret New Burlesque in Europe. I am one lucky piano playing singing MC! Late April finds me in Kansas City , MO for the 3rd Annual Kansas City Burlesque Festival @ the Folly Theater! An original old burly house! I love Mcin and singing at shows/festivals and I am uber excited for this one as I am a second generation burlesque musician- my folks are both Missourians and my Dad used to back dancers in territory bands on tour throughout the midwest-chicago. I am still playing piano/singing at various haunts around town in SF, play accordion and ukulele at special events, art modeling for the artistic children ( hey they pay me to get nekkid before 9am), write music, and my new AWESOME baby- I am the vocalist/accordionist for a neato new band - Pachuco Cadaver- A Captain Beefheart Tribute. Beefheart was an original- Dada Swamp Blues Avant Garde Experimental Rock and Roll w -Jazz like structures and Surreal Imaegry. I am hoping to fuse my fading burlesque career with this new project.The band includes members of the Extra Action Marching Band, Polkacide, Kitten on the Keys, Flipper, Jean Jeanies, and The Dead Kennedys! Cuz a Girl's Gotta Boogie! Think of us for your next event or show- it's all horns/drums/guitar/vocals. It's crazy fun to shake your stuff to trombone/tuba/baritone sax! We are starting to book dates in SF! And EVEN more AWESOME news! June 21st- Fete de La Musique en France and Summer Solstice DJ Delachaux ( whom many of you may remember from teaseorama!) holds a cool electro swing dance event called TRAPEZE in SF. My wonderful fave Burlesque friendly Parisian DJ's Bart and Baker are coming to SF and it just so happens to be On my FRIGGIN Big Ass Birthday! My Golden Jubilee will be held at Rickshaw Stop in SF featuring the UBER TALENTS of Bart and Baker, Michelle L'amour!Roky Roulette! The Muddfappers! and many more special performance guests! Put on your fun Frenchified frocks and come dance and celebrate my BIG BIG Birthday in SF! SCHEDULE: April 24, 2013 Rite Spot Cafe 17th and Folsom 9-11 PM Great Menu, Libations, Art April 25, 2013 Piano Bar Happy Hour 6-9 PM 500 Divisadero April 26, 27 3rd Annual Kansas City Burlesque Festival Kansas City, MO Folly Theater May 12 Pachuco Cadaver Captain Beefheart Tribute Cuz A Girl's Gotta Boogie SF Boat Club opening for Zappa Tribute Mother's Day May 23rd Madrone Art Bar June 21 TRAPEZE presents @ Rickshaw Stop Golden Jubilee of Kitten on the Keys Paris Themed Dance Party in honor of Kitten's B-day! Featuring Bart and Baker PARISIAN Electro Swing Michelle L'Amour Chicago/INT Burlesque Starlette Roky Roulette SF International One Of A Kind! The Muddflappers Kitten and Miss Rodney Fapperosity Suzanne Ramsey  Kitten on the Keys Music Available on iTUNES and CDBaby

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