Saturday, October 27, 2007

Old funny photo of Sugar Baby Doll aka Sugar Babylon.
Kat Bjelland, Courtney Love, Jennifer Finch and Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys.
I actually get thanked too.....and afterc all of these years Courtney told everyone I died. HMMMMM My fingers still work!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Howdy doodle pals!
I am thrilled to be this weeks interview on Lili von Schtupp and Chris Beyond's
fab burlesque podcast!

Here are the direct links:

The website link:

The link to subscribe at iTunes:

Happy listening!


Saturday October 27, 2007
Dark Cabaret Artist Extroirdinaire Vinsantos
has been having a series in San Francisco called
MACABARET in time for the Samhain Season.
The last show in this series in Saturday night!

Kitten on the Keys alter ego "Suzanne Ramsey" will be playing piano in the band,
singing her own twisted love songs and MORE!

1519 MISSION ST @ South Van Ness , SAN FRANCISCO
with special guests
FAUXNIQUE fabulous dancer
SUZANNE RAMSEY (aka Kitten on the Keys)
JILL TRACY...Amazing pianist and vocalist
doors at 7 for music and drinks,,,show at 8!
17.00 online in advance and 21.00 day of show
brown paper tickets

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mi Mi Le Meaux Burlesque from San Diego
Missy Malone Burlesque from Scotland
Kitten on the Keys Musical Hi Jinks and MC
and a lucky local talent showcase winner on the UK dates-
Open for Legendary Punk Band THE DAMNED in the UK 11/28 -12/20 in their production The Damned Twisted Cabaret.

See you in the UK and Ireland!

Suzanne Ramsey >^..^<
Kitten on the Keys
Piano, Ukulele,Accordion, Variety Artist, Vocalist
and much MORE!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Candybox Burlesque in Brimingham UK Site for Videos!

Kitten on the Keys portion of Yankee Doodle Candy:

Enjoy the links!
KITTEN and thanks to Carrie for the videos!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fernet Branca, In association with SF Weekly, Crunch Fitness, and Bust
Magazine present…

Tease-O-Rama 2007!

A Daring, Dazzling Galaxy of Buxom Beauties and Forbidden Women in a Riot
Mirth and Medley!

FEATURING! The Incredible Catherine D’Lish! Tantalizing Troupes from
Around The World! Seductive Solo Sirens and Dazzling Duos! Vintage Vixens
of Burlesque! Comedy! Music! Mayhem! Possibly even…Madness!

SEE: 200 Magnificent Specimens of Humanity overcome by rapture and hurl
their clothing to the ground!

Tease-O-Rama 2007! Dozens of Delicious, Delectable, Dancing Darlings and
Teaming Torrid Temptresses of Tease! It’s Gals and Gags Galore! Old
Fashioned Burlesque as YOU like it!

Adults Only!

What: Tease-O-Rama 2007! Four Incredible Nights Of Glitz, Glamour, and
Non-Stop Spectacle!

Where: Bimbo’s 365 Club, 1025 Columbus Ave in North Beach

When: Showcase: Friday and Saturday October 5th- 6th , show 8PM

Other Tease-O-Rama Weekend Events Include….

** Tease-O-Rama Daytime Events and Convention Activities !
WHAT: Daytime Convention Classes and Activities! Our daytime convention
activities provide opportunities for performers, future performers,
enthusiasts, scholars and curious bystanders to learn more about burlesque
old and new.

WHERE: SF Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco - just around
the corner from Bimbo’s 365 Club in the heart of North Beach

WHEN: Saturday October 6th starting at 10:30am

HOW MUCH: most classes $7, $5 with student ID

** Tease-O-Rama Meet and Mingle!

WHAT: Tease-O-Rama Meet 'N' Mingle, Shake and Shimmy with the stars of
Tease-O-Rama, the only weekend-long convention dedicated to performers and
fans of the new burlesque! DJ dance party , Meet 'N'Mingle, and surprise
performances! (Tunes courtesy of Bardot A Go Go!)

WHEN: Thursday October 4, 2007, Doors for public at 9 pm

WHERE: The Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
VIP and press reception 7-9 pm, press r.s.v.p to:

HOW MUCH: $5 cover

** Tease-O-Rama Movie Night!
WHAT: Ann-Margaret in KITTEN WITH A WHIP (1964)?Viva La Vamp! See
everyone's favorite femme fatale Ann-Margaret as a teasing teenager
terrorizing John Forsythe in this sexy, steamy drama of delinquency and
desperation! Hosted by Will the Thrill and Monica, Tiki Goddess!

Cerrito, 94530?
WHEN: Sunday October 7th, 5pm



Photos available Upon Request
Baby Doe:


Introducing your 2007 Tease-O-Rama Emcee:
Kitten on the Keys

Featuring: Catherine D’Lish!

Vintage Vixens of Burlesque!
Dixie Evan’s from the Burlesque Hall of Fame
Satan’s Angel
Isis Starr
Holiday O’Hara

Tantalizing Troupes!
The Devil-Ettes - SF
Murasaki Babydoll - Japan
Hot Pink Feathers - SF
The Von Foxies - Seattle
Panty Raid! - Nashville
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang – SF
Cock T's - SF
Scenic Sisters - SF
Diamond Daggers - SF
Scandalesque - AZ
SF Boylesque - SF
Myths and Legends Dance Company - Orange County, CA
Twilight Vixen Revue - SF
Clandestine – SF
Thrillpeddlers - SF

Seductive Solo Sirens and Dazzling Duos!
Kitten deVille - LA
Kalani Kokonuts - Las Vegas
Violet Eva - Japan
Chica Boom – Seattle
Cherry Typhoon - Japan
Michelle L'amour - Chicago
Jo Boobs - NYC
Kitty Diggins - LA
Mimi Le Meaux - San Diego
Cardinal Cyn - Austin
Desire D'Amour - Tucson
Vivienne VaVoom - Denver
Miss Delirium Tremens – NYC
Roky Roulette - SF
Delilah - UK
Kellita - SF
Amber Ray - NYC
Reverend Spooky LeStrange - New Orleans
Miss Eva von Slut - SF
Tigger! - NYC
Alotta Boutte - SF
Sparkly Devil - SF
Lolita Haze - AZ
Evie - LA
Ophelia Coeur de Noir & Gorilla X - SF
Charlotte La Belle Araignee - LA
Lady Monster - SF
Miss Marion - Paris
Mad V Dog - SF
Bella Beratta - LA
Pinchbottom Burlesque - NYC
Fanny Fitztightlee - Denver
Honey Lulu - UK
Peekaboo Pointe - NYC
Esperanza - SF
Ming Dynatease - LA
Waxie Moon - Seattle
Dottie Lux and Glenn Marla - NYC
Kitty Crimson - Denver
Vivian Velvet - Chicago
Anna Bells and Joshie Jingles - LA
Bobbie Burlesque - LA
Fanny Tastic - Chicago
Bombshell Betty - SF
Miss Jezebel Express - NYC
Imogen Kelly – Austrialia
Miz Ginger Snapz - Seattle
Lily Le Rouge - SF
Coconuts - SF
Michelle La Roche – Pasadena
Pookie Patootie - NYC

DJ’s for the weekend include: Pink Frankenstein, Brother Grimm and Cali
Kid all from Bardot A Go Go!


Photos available Upon Request
Baby Doe:

Location: Bimbos 365 Club

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kitten goes CRAZEEEEEEEEEE in the UK.
Thanks to Candy Box!
Such an amazing night!
With Dirty Martini
Imelda May singing 4 Palookaville
Msyti Vine
Misss Exotic World 2007 Immodisty Blaze
Missy Malone
Candied Heels
Leyla Rose



Monday, August 20, 2007

Kitten on the Keys has two more weeks in Europe galavanting around Paris and performing in until September 1st.

Dirty Martini and Kitten on the Keys fly out Monday August 27th to perform at the Glee Club
Thanks to our hosts for having us!

Yankee Doodle Candy
w/ live band Palookaville
many wonderful starlettes from the UK! project....Kitten on the Keys is a part of Burlesque Poker set from France.

CUTE Stuff!

See you back in the States by September 4th...............

Check out new merchandise on Cafe Press with artwork by Joshua Ellingson.......
Buy Salty Meat Girl on CD Baby!!!!!!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kitten on the Keys in the Press again.
Here is also a photo by Gerald Chabaud

Saturday, August 04, 2007

OK that was supposed to say...Pierre et Giles in PARIS....yikes!
Here is Sunny as photogrhaed by the famous duo...... it really August already?
Went to Paris with Jazzy V
Saw a Paris et Giles exhibit.
Saw mon Ami Sunny Buick and old friend Gentry...and I bought some gorgeous boots from her!
The show continues to sell out....there is NO air conditioning here and I have lost my voice.

Went to the beach today and swam with Dirty....we had FUN!
Ate more sea snakes or eeels.........actually very yummy.
Tastes like CHICKEN....went with Marilou anarchist Majorette and artist David Bartex!
(he just had his birthday and we gave him and inflatible doll....)

Friday, July 13, 2007

New News for Kitten on the Keys...I am finally getting credit for my work in Sugar Babylon/Sugar Babydoll from a zillion years ago....but my name is wrong on the photo....OH WELL

But awesome news is I will be in Zora von Burden's new book Women of the Underground: MUSIC

France is still fun...just met actor Mattieu Amalinc who is doing a film on new burlesque in FRANCE!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am very honored to be included in this fabulous article!
Alarm Magazine
Vau de Vire Society
Yard Dogs Road Show and MORE!
Kitten on the Keys

Go to Becca's Gallery SHOW!

Becca Henry
Carnie Life
July 19th Thursday 5-9 PM
111 Minna Gallery

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A bunch of us went to the Bretagne Castle...the heart of Anne Of Bregtangne is there! WOW...I wanted to see that really bad and it was the first thing inside the chateau! Anne of Bregtange was a wonderful woman with a crazy life....she was an EARLY patroness of the ARTS! WE saw many sad things about this port city was based on salty butter biscuits and the slave trade...really intense.......I have never seen anything quite like it and it reall affected me.
Someone had told me about Nantes this way people are making fun of HOW bad my French is.

I went on NANTES TV with Kitty and Roky Roulette today. I sang HOT But Swing.......
Fun fun fun! Roky looked alluring and I was a usual dropping feathers and not being prepared....oh having ADD is a curse at times.

There was another little article about me in the paper PIL (tee hee like John Lydon's band.........) It talked about me loving Freddie Mercury and Black Flag! Woo hoo! has more video of the Ilse de Nantes evening!
Oh, we also found a 15th century toilette in the chateaux......Dirty and I used it and our tinkle dropped in the moat....but astually all of my fave photos from that day got lost when we got into a HORRIBLE rainstorm that night........ My clothes aree STILL wet.....strange weather!

Jazzy V (Jasmine Vegas), Kitten on the Keys, and Mi Mi Le Meaux hit the radio in France!
We had a swell time and the boys were really CUTE!
I played a punk rock uke # and an old jazzy double entendre from my new times!
Jazzy V played her song "Kim" and Mi Mi Played her belle Poitrines!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Naughty Naughtical Shenanigans!
Since we are on an Estuary there are LOTSA Boats and such going to various artworks for
Our pal from the 3rd FL Javier -he's a GREAT cook....we would starve without him......DJ's on the boat.
In honor of is Dirty Martini and MiMi Le Meaux in S and M ( I mean H/M) undies and my Shirley Temple HATS!

Oh and Look at all of the eels I found at the Market...they were still alive. There was a horse meat stand too...YUCKERS.
Little bun buns were there too....I eas eating a Breton Crepe...the lady who made it said I sounded like a little POUPEE or a crazy little doll.......Oh yeah she was right!

Roky Roulette stole my cute little pink pasties that Inga made me......He took 'em off with his tongue after we had crazy chocolate and bannana CAKE! It was so yum yum and GUILLOME or Billy Bob....that is what I call him cuz I can't speak French yet
brought it up to the stage! SO SWEET!

Well today I felt like I was coming down with a lame ass cold.......I stayed inside ALL day in my little French Apartment hoping my voice would survive the day and the nights show. Jasmine brought me tea , honey and lemon...what a great pal!
The show was FUN and those kooky kids got me some swell birthday presents! I got a puss print "massager" called the temptress...which is HAILARIOUS and a WONDERFUl ukulele book in French that I am DYING over! So cool! Cyril of the Uke club
wrote it. if I could actually get on my email account I would send him and email...OH and we were in French ELLE !!!!!!!
Lame that they said we were like the Rocky horror Picture show....what is UP with that?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The parton ST of CABARET new BURLESQUE! Jesus with no legs! everyone has hurt themeselves here!

It's time for more more more more NEWS!
Seems that the whole cast of cabaret new burlesque is hurting themselves...KITTEN de VILLE has a broken leg,
Kitty Diggins hurt here knees, Roky Roultte is all bandaged up, and our MOOMMY KItty is on a crutch too!
So I found the patron ST of cabaret new burlesque today..........Jesus with Broken Legs......


Hey kiddley winks!
Thanks for your patience as I have had barely any interBUTT time....they are sending an expert to our residency in the am.
I am having a good time having adventures with my pals......Dirty Martini, Mi Mi Le Meaux (the cutest next door neighbor a gal could have over for caffinated bevys....) and the one and only Jasmine Vegas who taught me to boil water in French and wipe my ass.......Roky Roulette showed me his wAXED asshole and I barfed....twice!
We had a bunch o Argetinian CUTE BOYS in our residency and they came to the beach in Pornic with us!
They asked me if I worked with deaf people because I talk so LOUD and clear..... La Plage was FABULOUS.........people come to the Briittany coast just to relax in thhe theraputic waters. I was called VAMPIRA cuz I wanted no sun on my old ass face.

Poor Kitten de Ville broke her friggin leg the first day of the spectacular............She is here with her little girl Ivy who sings Ramones songs with me! She is HILARIOUS........she loves the new song Geriatric Punk Rock Boyfriend.....
Please look at this AMAZING photo from todays adventure to the graveyard with Dirty and MiMI ....first we ate pastries, bought cute cheap shoes , and then looked at baby duckilings, chipmunks and kittens...then we saw that Jesus was c oming in the shape
of a space weirdo.....

My address: please write! until Sept 1
Madame Suzanne Ramsey
c/o NEO Residences
1 bis Rue Franklin
44000 NANTES

Suzanne Ramsey
Kitten On the Keys


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kitten on the Keys is pictured in the newspaper in FRANCE!
Photo by the fabulous Jim Feierra!


WOW...I cannot believe that I am in France doing such a great show!
Opening night was the bomb.....there were 50 THOUSAND people that came through!
Ilse de Nantes......Spectacular ISLAND.......amazing artists all around.
Sad thing was, KItten de Ville broke her leg when a Lucha Libre wrestler fell from the sky.
She had to have surgery but is in great spirits and looks lovely as ALWAYS!
Get well soon KITTEN!

one of the funniest things happened to me...during th cabaret new burlesque opening night....members of MINI KISS
slapped my ass during my song....LEATHER was the Peter Criss and the other Ace damn fun!
Julie Atlas Muz's hubby got some HILARIOUS photos.....playing the piano while getting my ass slapped in time to the beat is my new fave past time here besides eating cheese and going to la plage......... where I found a beautiful starfish in Pornic.
My teeth are acting up and I think it needs to be YANKED OUT...damn frigggin lame ass tooth.......nice dentists in France though!

Friday, May 25, 2007

SF Weekly Best of Issue 2007
Best Burlesque
Best Burlesque Revue

The Cantankerous Lollies

Since 1995, the Cantankerous Lollies have been upping the ante on the art of coquetry with their distinctly DIY approach to taking it off. Founded by Harvest Moon, one of the nation's most vaunted showgirls, this troupe of vaudeville hotties spearheaded the West Coast neo-burlesque movement — birthing a panoply of pasty-loving adherents in the process. The great thing about the Lollies is that they're both sexy and riotously funny, replacing gratuitous T&A with entertainment. Whether they're regaling us with Montmartre-style cabarets, synchronized can-can dances, or acrobatic feats with hula hoops and parasols, the Lollies deftly mix hippodrome antics with classic theatre kitsch. And we love them even more because of Suzanne "Kitten on the Keys" Ramsey, an erstwhile Lollie known for her glamour-soaked, satirical piano cabaret. With the ba-ba-boom accompaniment of San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Orchestra, the Lollies are all about the classic tease, which necessitates leaving lots to the imagination — but they're too clever and unpredictable to be mistaken for any old striptease act.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Come hear new music from pianist and song bird Suzanne Ramsey aka
Kitten on the Keys before she says "Toodles" to the Bay Area to tour France!
Kitten has a new CD out called "Salty Meat Girl". A few copies will be available at the fun piano bar atmosphere of the cozy
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom at 17th
9PM until 11PM
Food and Libations Available

KItten will also be performing her standard punky cabaret fare, flapperette faves, and naughty naughty songs she wrote!
(song samples)
artwork by Joshua Ellingson

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's almost time to say "Toodles" to San Francisco!

Suxanadu Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys leaves the Bay Area for the
summer to perform in France. Gonna be a swell time with many wonderful
artists. I am one lucky gal. Best of luck to everyone at Exotic World...I am going to miss everyone! Kisses to the legends and the organizers and of course the super stars of Burlesque! (I'll miss you Satan's Angel!)

I also have a brand spankin' new CD available in limited release in the US.
Salty Meat Girl... original mischievous melodies, Tin Pan Alley, Flapperette Faves,
Punky Cabaret filled with silly lyrics and shenanigans
songs about things that begin with the letter P....bare buttocks solos (thanks MR Tinkler) and MORE on piano, ukulele, and accordion. I pick it up next week!
NEW cute as a button T-Shirts all designed by the brilliant Joshua Ellingson!

Kitten on the Keys is featured with her squeeze box in an article in Alarm Magazine
due out in June. Photo essay by Becca Henry. Interviews and photos of cabaret, burlesque, and vaudeville acts in SF...including Vau de Vire Society ,Yard Dogs Road Show and Black and Blue Burlesque! interview by one of SF's naughty cheerleaders, the Cock'T's!

Before she waves her paws BYE BYE....come to these cool shows...
all different and super duper fun! Guaranteed to put a smile on your

May 18 Exotic World Benefit @ Club Deluxe on Haight Street $10.00
Sparkley Devil and Little Minsky's puts t
his wonderful all star SF
line up together.
Kitten performs new material from Salty Meat Girl!

May 20th Katya presents " The Roaring 20's"
Your fave songbirds warble their bestest 1920's ditties
@ Martuni's 7PM $5.00 cover
Valencia @ Market
Katya Ludmilla Smirnoff Skye
Veronica Klaus
Alotta Boutte
(w/ pianist Tom Shaw)
KItten on the Keys
and Rodney Austin are the MUDDFLAPPERS!
piano and accordion duo with double PP's and Double DD's
(last Muddflappers show for a few months....)

May 24th Bon Voyage Kitten!
a show called TOODLES!
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom at 17th FREE
Kitten on the Keys performs new material from
the brand spankin' new "Salty Meat Girl" CD!
Cover Art by Joshua Ellingson !!!!!!!
some copies will be available at this event... only a handful
will be available on CD until I come home for a proper CD
release PARTY!

May 26th....I hop a plane with Roky Roulette and don't come back for a LONG time!

XXXXOOOOO meow meow Kitten on the Keys
Suxanadu Ramsey

Keep up with Cabaret New Burlesque in FRANCE

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hey there kids!
San Francisco's fave ivory tickler has a new CD coming out
and you can hear a lil prevue of some of her new songs right here on My SPACE!
Listen to the sad sad Pope Mobile and spunky and rambunctious Geriatric Punk Rock Boyfriend (GPRBF)!!!!!
Enjoy your Salty MEAT!
Let me know what you think!
Coming soooooooooooooooooooon.......
Kitten >^..^<

Friday, April 27, 2007

Howdy Doody Moonpies!

I am so super duper excited about my new CD!
I have been spending many hours in the studio and I think this is the best sounding CD to date! Loads of new Kitten on the Keys punky cabaret originals, spunky Tin Pan ALley Flapperette Faves,
Raunchy Ragtime, Island Lullabies, songs about geriatric punk rockers, Liberace, The Pope Mobile, PETA PUTA's,
Kitties puppies Cartoonish
seaside lore, MEAT Medleys and MUCH MUCH MORE! A tangeled universe that is fun and preverse!

And the cover art is delightful-done by my wonderful pal JOSHUA ELLINGSON! He knows just what this lil Kitty likes! I cannot wait for the new pink pussy pantie line! You are gonna howl!
All this will be done before I leave for FRANCE and looks like there are some London dates later in the year! PIDDLE!

Check out Josh at:

My Betty Boop costume is being made by the wonderful Kathleen Crowly!

My Bon Voyage Fete will be at the RITE SPOT CAFE 5/24
9PM FREE! Come on down-I promise I will not ask you for money!
2099 Folsom Street

5/20 The 1920's show Martuni's
Katya presents
Veronica Klaus
Alotta Boutte
Kitten on the Keys
Katya Smirnoff-SKYE

5/10 Little Minsky's on Haight Street!
NEW colorful # with the SCENIC SISTERS!

Much love!
KITTEN >^..^<

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom Street at 17th
4/26/07 Thursday

Miss Kitten on the Keys, aka Suzanne Ramsey writes kinky clever and kooky
tunes that will stir your nethers and tickle your funnybone. She strokes her little electric uke and deconstucts punk rock songs for your amusement!
She plays ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, and a lil Freddie Mercury and Alice Cooper to liven up the night!
CD's and Kitten on the Keys merchandise available!
Come see her before she leaves on her grand tour of France in MAY!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pandora's Trunk - 1 Year Anniversary!
A bi-monthly eclectic arts showcase & fashion sample sale

Saturday April 28th 1-7pm
free admission - live music - free drinks
Mina Dresden Gallery 312 Valencia @ 14th, San Francisco
Visual Vaudeville & Built Burlesque

"Vaudeville" is thought to come from the french 'voix de
ville', voice of the city... come let us speak to you. We
will tell you a tale of independent artists and designers,
making satirical and sexy statements like the vaudevillians
of old, out of anything they can lay their dirty little
hands on. Our first anniversary is shaping up to be a
blowout party! We have busted our old studio at the seams
and are coming to you from an all new location where the
Mission and SoMa meet.

The event will feature a fashion sample sale, including
local firecrackers Miranda Caroligne, Bad Unkl Sista, Medium
Reality & the inimitable Shannon Riley.

Artist and screenprinter Marshall Adams, who you may know
from his work at Porcelynne, will be there screen printing
his designs live onto a shirt of your own choosing. It
doesn't get any more custom than that!

Local musical bombshell Kitten on the Keys will be there
playing the sexiest instrument known to womankind, and the
smoky-hot Jahmayo will be joining us from LA, guaranteed to
be wearing the tightest pants ever donned by a black man who
wasn't Prince.

Indie designers, producers, and artists will be joining us
with jewelry, photography, paintings, gourmet chocolate,
comic books, paper goods and more, using silks and satins,
leather and feathers, metals precious and base, acrylic
plastic, and resin-coated paper along with the traditional
ribbons and bows to make you beautiful... with teeth.

Visit our website for a frequently updated roster of artists
with pictures and links! Contact us to get involved!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Benefit for Irene McGhee starring Exene Cervenka, Kitten on the Keys, Vinsantos,Ben Fong Torres at the Red Devil Lounge in SF!

Here is what Ben Fong Torres (of Almost Famous ...and he wrote for Rolling Stone) wrote about her situation:

CATCH A FIRE: A dozen or more people may owe their lives to the fact that Free FM (KIFR 106.9) let talk-show host Irene McGee go. As I reported a column ago, McGee was dismissed from her midnight to 2 a.m. Friday show for unspecified reasons. On her first Friday night away from the radio studios in more than a year, she was at work in her apartment in the Western Addition when the electricity went out. Outages were an all-too-common occurrence in the 12-unit building, McGee said. She called the building manager, and when he flipped the circuit switch back on, flames shot out of a wall in McGee's apartment, setting her bed and, in minutes, most of her apartment on fire. It was 1 a.m., and McGee dashed around the building, rousting her neighbors. All of them escaped the flames and smoke, which rendered nine of the apartments uninhabitable. "She's absolutely a hero," said Heather Moon Black, who lives in an adjacent apartment. "Irene left her cat to come and get us first. If she hadn't, it would have been too late for my daughter (8-year-old Exene) and me." It was, in fact, too late for one of McGee's two cats. Star died in her arms, while Sergeant Johnson ran off. Two days after the fire, her second cat was still missing, and McGee appeared to be in shock as she looked through the rubble on Broderick Street and in the blackened shell of her apartment. She grabbed her laptop computer as she fled, she said, but everything else was destroyed. Necklaces were welded together. All her clothes were damaged. So were a new camera and audio recorder she used for her radio work (She continues to do her podcast show, "No One's Listening," Fridays at San Francisco State). Her brother, Bill McGee, a lawyer in Portland, Ore., arrived Sunday morning to lend support. At a nearby cafe, she praised the San Francisco Fire Department for its rapid and compassionate response; one female firefighter, she said, sat with her and offered comfort and assistance. McGee is staying at various friends' homes and slowly accumulating clothes and other necessities. Her grateful neighbor, Black, is helping organize a fundraiser for her at the Red Devil Lounge, with her daughter's godmother, Exene Cervenka, ex- of X, as headliner. A date has yet to be set. Meantime, online contributions can be made via Paypal at Through the smoke and depression of the fire, there was one ray of light. Her missing tabby showed up in Black's apartment on Sunday. He suffered some burns but looked OK. "It's a miracle," McGee said, breaking into tears. Moments later, she regained her composure -- and her sense of humor. She'd mused about the irony of it all. If she'd been at Free FM when a shortage occurred, none of her fellow tenants might have been awake. "Thank God I was fired," she said. A beat, and then: "I mean, who else gets 'fired' twice in one week?" FM). Ben Fong-Torres is a freelance writer.
April, 11 2007 at Red Devil Lounge w/ Exene Cervenka, Vinsantos and MORE Kitten on the Keys, Ben Fong Torres
1695 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA
Cost : $15.00

Exene Cervenka of X FAME! Ben Fong Torres (rolling stone writer) KItten on the Keys as Musical MC Vinsantos!

Friday, March 16, 2007

WOW-this has been my month of performing with musicians from the past-first playing piano/accordion for David J of Bauhaus fame in SF and LA, singing and acting at Teatro Zinzanni with Huey Lewis fresh from Broadway in his role as Billy Flynn from CHICAGO with the fabulous Zinzanni Orchestra and Velocity Dancers WOW!!!!!!

I am so pleased to announce Kitten on the Keys is performing with the AMAZING
Exene Cervenka of X fame...she is an idol of MANY.

the Show is called BURN down the house of Love-

Exene Cervenka
Ben Fong Torres (Rolling Stone Writer-film Almost Famous is about him!)
Kitten on the Keys Musical MC
and Many More....

Red Devil Lounge April 11th,2007
1695 Polk Street

KItten on the Keys Piano Bar
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom Street at 17th
Flapperette Faves!

4/8 Easter Sunday or Happy Keister Funday with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Dolores Park
Day time!
Kitten on the Keys tinkles her ivories keister funday!!!! Special song and dance # with SF's fave twinkle toed sister act, the Scenic Sisters!

4/11 Red Devil Lounge
Burn Down the House Of Love
Exene Cervenka

4/12 THRILLVILLE's 10th Anniversary!
3-D monster movies and MORE!

4/26 Rite Spot Cafe



Suzanne Ramsey >^..^<
Kitten On the Keys
Piano, vocalist, ukulele, accordion


Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Riptide Tavern    3639 Taraval  @  47th Ave.   415-681-8433
Sunset District / 2 Blocks away from Ocean Beach  -  San Francisco
D.J. WHAT'S HIS FUCK  -  Spinning old school punk rock and other gems.
Kitten will be performing two sets tonight.  
One at 10:30pm and another at 12:00 midnight.  
Kitten likes to get messy and dance on the careful!

Remember that this show is FREE.
(take the L-Train to within half a block of the does run all night)  

Also did anyone see the gigantic Kitten On the Keys photo in the SF Chronicle this week? I can't beleive it! It was an ad for the Silent Movie Balboa Theater Festival which is ALWAYS a fun time! WOW!

Thanks to those who came out to see David J's Cabaret starring Vinsantos at Safari Sam's in Los Angeles! I love playing that dark cabaret....

Suzanne Ramsey >^..^<
Kitten On the Keys
Piano, vocalist, ukulele, accordion

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Piano Bar! Rite Spot Cafe!
9:30 PM Start time tonight
(later than usual-Suzanne is coming from another gig!)

Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom @ 17th MISSION District
Kitten on the Keys plays bubbly girl next door sweet flapper ditties and raunchy kinky cabaret to stir your nethers and tickle your funnybone!

New Silly Song!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Safari Sam's5214 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CAFriday 2/23David J's Cabaret Oscuro in . . .an evening with the Devil's MuseBlack cabaret in the company of David J and his bandwith special guestsAbby Travis • Vinsantos & the ghost of Elizabeth Shortfeaturing:Fauxnique • Ego Plum • Nora Keyes • Creekbird • Count Smokula KITTEN on the Keys Available on the night:100 limited edition signed CD's/pre-release copies of 'Devil's Muse'.music inspired by the life and mysterious death of Elizabeth Short as featured in Ramzi Abed's forthcoming feature film, 'Black Dahlia Movie'
Hope to see you at this wonderful music event!Suzanne Ramsey

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not a Burlesque show....but a fun trip back in time.....w. Buster Keaton and others!

For the 5th year in a row songstress Kitten on the Keys
pulls out
her flapperiest ditties of the PG-13 nature
and tickles the ivories to help celebrate the
Balboa's Movie Theater's Birthday. This is one of the last old movie houses left in San Francisco-
they have damn good pop corn and an awesome repitoire of films and it is in the Richmond District!

(Some of you may even remember Kitten, the Muddflappers, the Lollies and
the Scenic Sisters producing Sin in Soft Focus at the Balboa last a horrible rainstorm!)

Be sure to check out the pianist Frederick Hodges who wrote the original score for the film! He is a world class pianist and composer!

For Immediate Release:

Gary Meyer (415) 290-8224 or
Photos and detailed background information are available upon request.

- Tuesday, February 27, 2007 -

Buster Keaton masterpieces will headline the Balboa Theatre’s 81st Birthday Bash on Tuesday, Feb. 27. SHERLOCK JR. follows the hilarious adventures of a movie theater projectionist (Keaton) who finds himself in the film he is projecting! In THE PLAYHOUSE Buster plays every single character -- cast, crew, orchestra and audience -- in a small vaudeville theater. Both classics will be screened in 35mm.

The films will be accompanied on piano by Frederick Hodges (, playing an original score.

A Live Vaudeville Show features chanteuse Suzanne “Kitten on the Keys” Ramsey ( ) and Magician Extraordinaire James Hamilton (

Return to the silent era as we re-create a night at the movies in 1926.

Audience members are encouraged to wear period clothing.

Doors open at 6:45. Pre-Show at 7:00. Official program starts at 7:15.

Door Prizes! Birthday Cake! A fun time for all ages! There will be on-screen Surprises!

For more information go to:

Learn all about Buster Keaton and the Damfinos Fan Club:
General Admission: $12.00
Seniors and Children under 12 year: $9.00
Advance ticket sales are available at

Balboa Theatre
3630 Balboa Street (@37th Avenue)
San Francisco 93121

(415) 221-8184

Kitten On The Keys >^..^<
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Suzanne Ramsey, aka, Kitten on the Keys plants her butt on the piano bench at the Rite Spot Cafe, 2099 Folsom Street at 17th, San Francisco FREE 9PM, for a night of musical mayhem and FUN! New Songs! 1/25/07
Naughty piano bar shenanigans!Flapper Faves!Ukulele Strokin'!Silly Punk Rawk!Power Rock Ballads!Giggles and Guffaws!
Come get drunk and I will let you SING!
www.ritespotcafe.netDin dinLibations
CD's available for purchase!!!!!Cheapest Pussy in town folks!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kitten on the Keys is a last minute fill in for this show...seems everyone is see her in an evening gown being serious for once......
Oh and by the way, I will be fingering my own ivories and stroking my uke...

For Immediate Release
Katya Presents…

“The Golden Years” songs of the 30’s and 40’sWhere: Martuni's 4 Velencia at Market, San Francisco 415-241-0205Sunday Jan. 21th at 7pm, Russian opera diva Katya Smirnoff-Skyy presents “The Golden Years”, an evening of classic songs from the 30’s and 40’s. Guests include on The Divine Kitten on the Keys, Margery Bailey, Alotta Boutte, Ethel Merman and the incomparable Veronica Clause with Matt Piatt on the ivory keys and Mr. Freddy at the door, this cabaret is a Martui’s favorite regularly pleasing sold-out crowds. Cover charge: $5.Martuni's, 4 Valencia Street (at Market). $5 cover.

Kitten On The Keys >^..^<
Variety Artist, Vaudeville, Cabaret
Piano, Ukulele, Vocals, Accordion

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12THThe Riptide Tavern 3639 Taraval @ 47th Ave. 415-681-8433 Sunset District / 2 Blocks away from Ocean Beach - San Francisco D.J. WHAT'S HIS FUCK - Spinning old school punk rock and other gems. FREE / 21+ / From 9pm to 1:30am SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMER TONIGHT: KITTEN ON THE KEYS will be performing two sets tonight. One at 10:30pm and another at 12:00 midnight. KItten will tickle the ivories and your funnybone with her naughty monkeyshines.....the Sunset will never be the same!
KItten is always having a hard time transporting ukuleles, amps, keyboards, accrdions and the like all over it's her time to shine in her own fog belt of a neighborhood! She's delighted to be dancing on the bar....flinging her bra and showing naughty bits to the audience who will have a blast with this type of wink wink nudge nudge entertainment! You do not always see wacky girls perform as Shirley Temple a top a bar...especially in the SUNSET!
Remember that this show is FREE.
(take the L-Train to within half a block of the does run all night)
Hope to see you there!
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