Saturday, June 17, 2006

I want to be in a john waters movie.
HMMMM how can that happen?
I guess I am not young and pretty or goofy enough for him

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The accordion is funny.Kitten's pianistic paws trying to play fancy pants piano is REALLY funny.KItten tries to be tragically funny becasue she looks like a crack ho with her missing teeth and jokes about STYX and their smalltight pants. Will the FCC stop her? Find out! Be in the STUDIO or watch cable 26 6/17!
Hey all you funny music lover, likers, and toleraters!
LAUGH LOCALLY: Yep, we tape a new show this friday the 16th at 7:00. Our guests include the sultry accordion and piano princess, Kitten on the Keys, (, the comedy of Eric Peterson (, Chris Remmers, and Christine Parker, and "speed painting" by JAO. Taped at PCT studios, at 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica CA. 650 355-8000. Broadcast the next night at 10:00 on PCT 26.
SAVE PUBLIC ACCESS:California's public access televison is in danger. The state assembly has passed HR2987, which would kill funding for public access. The vote goes to the state senate in a few days. Go to to learn more. Or you could just sit on your butt and watch "Friends" reruns...for the rest of your life!
PODCAST:I have joined the ranks of the pod people with my own podcast featuring the many bay area funny music acts I have worked with over the years. The first one is up now and the second will be in a few days. Go to: for the official itunes page.

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