Thursday, June 14, 2007

The parton ST of CABARET new BURLESQUE! Jesus with no legs! everyone has hurt themeselves here!

It's time for more more more more NEWS!
Seems that the whole cast of cabaret new burlesque is hurting themselves...KITTEN de VILLE has a broken leg,
Kitty Diggins hurt here knees, Roky Roultte is all bandaged up, and our MOOMMY KItty is on a crutch too!
So I found the patron ST of cabaret new burlesque today..........Jesus with Broken Legs......


Hey kiddley winks!
Thanks for your patience as I have had barely any interBUTT time....they are sending an expert to our residency in the am.
I am having a good time having adventures with my pals......Dirty Martini, Mi Mi Le Meaux (the cutest next door neighbor a gal could have over for caffinated bevys....) and the one and only Jasmine Vegas who taught me to boil water in French and wipe my ass.......Roky Roulette showed me his wAXED asshole and I barfed....twice!
We had a bunch o Argetinian CUTE BOYS in our residency and they came to the beach in Pornic with us!
They asked me if I worked with deaf people because I talk so LOUD and clear..... La Plage was FABULOUS.........people come to the Briittany coast just to relax in thhe theraputic waters. I was called VAMPIRA cuz I wanted no sun on my old ass face.

Poor Kitten de Ville broke her friggin leg the first day of the spectacular............She is here with her little girl Ivy who sings Ramones songs with me! She is HILARIOUS........she loves the new song Geriatric Punk Rock Boyfriend.....
Please look at this AMAZING photo from todays adventure to the graveyard with Dirty and MiMI ....first we ate pastries, bought cute cheap shoes , and then looked at baby duckilings, chipmunks and kittens...then we saw that Jesus was c oming in the shape
of a space weirdo.....

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Madame Suzanne Ramsey
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Suzanne Ramsey
Kitten On the Keys


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kitten on the Keys is pictured in the newspaper in FRANCE!
Photo by the fabulous Jim Feierra!


WOW...I cannot believe that I am in France doing such a great show!
Opening night was the bomb.....there were 50 THOUSAND people that came through!
Ilse de Nantes......Spectacular ISLAND.......amazing artists all around.
Sad thing was, KItten de Ville broke her leg when a Lucha Libre wrestler fell from the sky.
She had to have surgery but is in great spirits and looks lovely as ALWAYS!
Get well soon KITTEN!

one of the funniest things happened to me...during th cabaret new burlesque opening night....members of MINI KISS
slapped my ass during my song....LEATHER was the Peter Criss and the other Ace damn fun!
Julie Atlas Muz's hubby got some HILARIOUS photos.....playing the piano while getting my ass slapped in time to the beat is my new fave past time here besides eating cheese and going to la plage......... where I found a beautiful starfish in Pornic.
My teeth are acting up and I think it needs to be YANKED OUT...damn frigggin lame ass tooth.......nice dentists in France though!

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