Thursday, June 28, 2007

A bunch of us went to the Bretagne Castle...the heart of Anne Of Bregtangne is there! WOW...I wanted to see that really bad and it was the first thing inside the chateau! Anne of Bregtange was a wonderful woman with a crazy life....she was an EARLY patroness of the ARTS! WE saw many sad things about this port city was based on salty butter biscuits and the slave trade...really intense.......I have never seen anything quite like it and it reall affected me.
Someone had told me about Nantes this way people are making fun of HOW bad my French is.

I went on NANTES TV with Kitty and Roky Roulette today. I sang HOT But Swing.......
Fun fun fun! Roky looked alluring and I was a usual dropping feathers and not being prepared....oh having ADD is a curse at times.

There was another little article about me in the paper PIL (tee hee like John Lydon's band.........) It talked about me loving Freddie Mercury and Black Flag! Woo hoo! has more video of the Ilse de Nantes evening!
Oh, we also found a 15th century toilette in the chateaux......Dirty and I used it and our tinkle dropped in the moat....but astually all of my fave photos from that day got lost when we got into a HORRIBLE rainstorm that night........ My clothes aree STILL wet.....strange weather!

Jazzy V (Jasmine Vegas), Kitten on the Keys, and Mi Mi Le Meaux hit the radio in France!
We had a swell time and the boys were really CUTE!
I played a punk rock uke # and an old jazzy double entendre from my new times!
Jazzy V played her song "Kim" and Mi Mi Played her belle Poitrines!

Sass! Sequins! Songs!

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