Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Please VOTE for Kitten on the KEYS Burlesque Top 50 for 2010!
I was # 26 last year (THANKS!) This year I walked the red carpet @ Cannes for an Award winning film Tournee, interviewed in PIn Curl and Bachelor Pad,
MC'd 2nd Annual New Orleans Burlesque Fest and Burlesque Hall of Fame-
Cabaret New Burlesque in FRANCE........

21st Century Burlesque Magazine | *VOTE NOW* THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2010
21st Century Burlesque is a leading Online Burlesque Magazine, (formerly known as 21st Century Pinups) featuring interviews with performers including Dita von Teese, Dirty Martini and Immodesty Blaize, as well as fashion features, reviews, festival news, guides and tutorials, and columns. Each year,

This made me LAUGH.......

Sass! Sequins! Songs!

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