Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Naughty Naughtical Shenanigans!
Since we are on an Estuary there are LOTSA Boats and such going to various artworks for
Our pal from the 3rd FL Javier -he's a GREAT cook....we would starve without him......DJ's on the boat.
In honor of is Dirty Martini and MiMi Le Meaux in S and M ( I mean H/M) undies and my Shirley Temple HATS!

Oh and Look at all of the eels I found at the Market...they were still alive. There was a horse meat stand too...YUCKERS.
Little bun buns were there too....I eas eating a Breton Crepe...the lady who made it said I sounded like a little POUPEE or a crazy little doll.......Oh yeah she was right!

Roky Roulette stole my cute little pink pasties that Inga made me......He took 'em off with his tongue after we had crazy chocolate and bannana CAKE! It was so yum yum and GUILLOME or Billy Bob....that is what I call him cuz I can't speak French yet
brought it up to the stage! SO SWEET!

Well today I felt like I was coming down with a lame ass cold.......I stayed inside ALL day in my little French Apartment hoping my voice would survive the day and the nights show. Jasmine brought me tea , honey and lemon...what a great pal!
The show was FUN and those kooky kids got me some swell birthday presents! I got a puss print "massager" called the temptress...which is HAILARIOUS and a WONDERFUl ukulele book in French that I am DYING over! So cool! Cyril of the Uke club
wrote it. if I could actually get on my email account I would send him and email...OH and we were in French ELLE !!!!!!!
Lame that they said we were like the Rocky horror Picture show....what is UP with that?

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