Monday, March 31, 2008


I can finally say that I am gonna go to a DIFFERENT country soon.
I guess it will be good to get away from here.
It is not fun in SF........So I guess I need a fun outlet.

Mi Mi le Meaux looks lovely in that picture. I sure hope her foot heals soon!
Many famous European STARS will be in the show! Kinda exciting!

I have been trying all week to make my MY SPACE look nice and presentable-getting
all the bells and whistles that take too long to upload-I hate that!

My pal Carrie sent me the cutest paper ephemera!

I also went out a lot this week...between working and actually leaving the HOUSE!
PLAYED FOR VINSANTOS, went to Tingle Tangle, wrote Dixie Evans a letter ( I miss her!)

Looking forward to my photo shoot with Jim Feierra next week!
He is my fave!

Sass! Sequins! Songs!

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