Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Come see Kitten on the Keys in this GREAT show coming to Seattle and Portland!

Tongues of the Odeon"We're Bringing the Whole Damn Bar!"A Traveling Variety Show Comprised of Circus Acts and MoreF R O MSan Francisco's most Outré DemimondeCOMING SWIFTLY AND INEXORABLY TO SELECTED VENUES IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWESTIncludingFriday, November 5th in Portland, Oregonat Dante's, 1 SW 3rd AvenueandSaturday, November 6th in Seattle, Washingtonat The Catwalk, 172 S. WashingtonA Mesmerizing Display of Impossibility-- More Show than can Possibly Fit on One Single Stage!From the (in)famous Odeon Bar & Night ClubS.F.'s DARKEST DIVEwhere Chaos gives birth to New Worlds of Entertainment!Once again, Grand Ringmonster CHICKEN JOHN, Showman Extraordinaire, will bring his carefully cultivated anthology of pulse-quickening, brain-badgering attractions to our Great Sister Cities to the North. Each single engagement is a not-to-be-missed mélange of Impossible Musical Feats, Countless Acts of Transcendental Stupidity and Terrifying Aesthetic Outrage. If you can bear to smell the smoke and flames and hear the cannon's roar, this show is for YOU, but NOT FOR CHILDREN or those (too) easily shocked. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! and on... and on... FIVE SOLID HOURS of unforgettable attractions (bring a lunch) commencing (no kidding) at preciselyNINE P.M.as it is necessary to allow enough time to present the ENTIRE VERTIGINOUS VORTEX in a single evening, includingThe musical and video effects of the uncanny K-ROB!The Dinosauriad,a lecture, with slides and Very Special Effects, on the Tribulations & Travails of the vanished Mesozoic Age,concluding with an exclusive video presentation entitled, When Chasmosaurs Attack! by none other than the Church of the SubGenius's own Dr. HOWLAND OWLL!DANIEL BROWNING SMITH,the amazingly disturbing, anatomy-defiling RUBBERBOY!TOSHIRO HIRANO,the Yodeling Old-time Country & Western Singer from Way Out East (Japan)!LOOP!STATION, a Sultry Siren & Multiplied (but not mellow) Cello!WILL FRANKEN,beyond all stand-up standards of uncanny Comedy!KRISTA BRAY,our rambunctious Raving Beauty of a RING GIRL!THE FAMOUS,soi dissant Tongue-in-cheek ROCK & ROLL!THE LONESOME DOORMEN,Gallant Gatekeepers of the Odeon!ROCKY ROULETTE,the World's Only Pogo-Stick riding Male Ecdysiast!KITTEN ON THE KEYS,bodacious & bawdy Barrelhouse Babe!SPARKLE MOTION,voluptuous beauties performing, er, synchronized movements (the Kind Men Like), Dance Troupe caught in a Spandex Time Warp!JASHA,a self-described New Wave Leotard Disaster!All Hosted and Roasted by Monster of Ceremonies, Your Cordial Confusionist CHRIS KARNEY!Concluding with the dynamic musical sensationSING ALONG WITH CHICKEN & HAL!The One-Night Stand of a Two-Man One-Man Band!With gags, novelties, Cosmic Revelations, Scrapingly Low-Brow Comedy, High-Flown Rhetoric, Hi-jinx, Boffo Buffoonery, Gorgeous Chorines & Goofball Gallants, musically supported by the Amazing K-ROB, andwithDAMMIT THE AMAZING WONDER-DOG!IN WHAT WELL MAY BE HER FINAL THEATRICAL APPEARANCE BEFORE RETIREMENTAll for the Preposterously Reasonable Admission Price of$7.00!AMERICANDO NOT NEGLECT TO ATTEND THIS SUI GENERIS SHOW, FOR IF YOU DO MISS IT YOU MAY END UP KICKING YOURSELF IN THE HEAD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN FRUSTRATION ALL THE WAY TO YOUR GRAVE, AND PERHAPS EVEN AFTERWARD IN YOUR TOMB. COME ONE, COME ALL. FOR ON-LINE INFORMATION CONSULTodeonbar.com/chaos&2gyrlz.org/festival

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