Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh dear,
How could I forget that I met Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols Wed night?
He was very kind! Look for the star fucker evidence on my website!
Thanks to the photographer who snapped the photo!
Speaking of which, the piano duo I am involved with was shot by famous
rock photographer Pat Johnson yesterday. Wow, so cool to work with such a professional
person! The first photo looked amazing... no complaints from my own insecure peanut gallery that lives inside my head.
I actually got to attend an event last night as a non performer.
It was super!
Got to see APE, thanks for getting me in Frank Novivki!
Saw the sassyDevilettes do their grrove thang! So much fun and high energy.
Missed the belly dancers unfortunately.
They looked really great!
The Rickshaw Stop is where it all happend and it was nice!
My fellow feline Miss MiMi Le Meaux was there from San Diego!
Can't wait to be in Paris with her in 4 weeks!
Monique, I miss her so much, is having a great show tonight of the creatures she makes from
bones and vintage clothing scraps.... BEAUTIFUL....I am gonna go!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wow, thanks to Will the Thrill and Monica for showing me around Palm Springs!
And that nice man included me in his article about Baby Doe and Otto's cool event,
Tiki Oasis! I was so delighted to be there! My voice gave out in the dry desert air but, I just kept on going! I got to perform with ukulele master, Frank Novicki from APE! Thanks for everything Frank! He even wrote me a song...."You Bring Out The Savage In Me"! It's awesome and I intend to ad it to my kitty repitoire on uke and vocals..... suiper snappy and catchy! Look for more Daddy Frank and Kitten collaborations in the future!

Also, my new duo with Rodney Austin made its debut this weekend for PRIDE. We even got press at for visual Aids Sweet 16 Party. Wow, that was neat to debut at Yerba Beuna Center for the Arts. David as Lucien Stern was a dreamboat as the MC with MRS VEra. I fell in love with drag super star Gina La Davina and her pal Muffy Sincere! Go MUFFY!
She won!

Last night at danced at Club NV. I was so out of it in the 80's I couldn;t keep up with the band.
Thank goodness they added a lil Southern Rock and AC/DC... whew......
Tonight I am a roller skating cupcake girl named Cutie for my pal Gregangelo. I am excited I get to see many of my performer pals tonight! Hope I don;t break my arm on those skates!
I need my paws!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

An actual post!
I am trying not to just use blogspot to promote shows I am in.
I have had a pretty nice weekend.
Did a bunch of shows ansd met some friendly Frank Sinatra loving people at
my substitute job last night.
They got me primed to watch "Pal Joey" today!
ZIP.... is a great song!

Had bad nightmares though.
I am getting really sick of the bad thoughts.
Really scary, mean husband killing me and attacking me.
When will all of this badness go away?
I am actually really scared for my well being.
Can't seem to shake the sadness and anger of the horrible betryal of it all.
All right in my FACE.
Not so nice.
I know I am being vague. Why be polite when the other party was NOT polite at all?
Ever wish you could turn back time and not have to think of all the sadness?
Then my Mom would still be alive and I would have ever married.
It was so greatI was ALLOWED to have a career.
I really appreciated that. That was the one great thing I came out of this whole thing.
Someone ALLOWED me to work my ass off. AWESOME!
Wish I could meet someone who would be nice to me and treat me well.
I think after awhile I deserve it!

Tonight should be a fun show with Rodney!
We have a new dup called the MUD FLAPPERS...... bad flapper girls soked in gin and more!

I am going to do a new version of Hot Nut Swing!
I do that song at the Rite Spot but not at Burlesque Shows.
Should be fun and sassy.
There are many different versions of the song from the 1930's.
Georgia White and Lil Harding Armstrong are my influences.

Only one month until PARIS! Can't wait to go.
If anyone knows of any great places I should visit, let me know!

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