Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have more exciting out of town shows to do!
One is in Liverpool on the 14th of August and the other is in Leeds Aug 2oth! Leeds will be a whole PUSSY themed event-exciting and right up my alley if you know what I mean!

I am so LUCKY these kind ladies wanna hire me to come to their towns to spread the Kitty Glitter Gospel!

I have been in Scotland for a couple of weeks now.....WHAT a gorgeous fun place.
Grateful to be here...thanks to Comedy on the Square. I have to do 2 shows a day with them.
Sometimes there is not audience but I have to travel one hour in and out each monring....OUCH!

I love where I am staying-my lovely friend Paul Darkstones has a beautifyl cottage off a manor
home in Pennicuik outside of Edinburgh. Getting to the shows on time is crazy because I am WAY in the country.
I have to walk down a foresty lane to a pasture and then to the bus stop in the middle of no where!
There are sheep along the walk and I love it.
I really could not be doing this if it were not for Paul ......

I took him to see the Tiger Lillies 7 Deadly Sins last night in the Spiegelgarden.
Loved the music and some of the acting a whole bunch. I love the band so much ever since Shockheaded Peter hit San francisco @ ACT...that was forever ago! Tonight they came to see their friend Ophelia Bitz in the Marquee de Sideshow and they got to hear me too! A bit of a struggle with the drunks but HEY nice to know your heros appreciate what you do.

Been meeting some fantatsic people. Frodo and Louise from Rhymes With Purple in Glasgow are fantatsic VERY talented folks who put on the Dr Sketchy's One Year Anniversary with the creatrix herself- Molly Crabapple-it was amazing to meet her.
Such a lovely and talented! I got to hang with Carrie Glitter Critter who is always so good to me!I have been seeing my sweet Missy Malone here and there but not enough of her!
We have not been together since the DAMNED Twisted Cabaret tour in winter 07.

I was a guest of the ROCKIN' Ministry Of Burlesque 3 whole nights in a row! Thanks to Kittie and James and their posse of SUPER talented guests and friends I had an awesome time. The treated me with respect and kindess-plus they are just fun to hang with!
Dolores Delight was a "delight" to be with-she is super filthy dirty fun. So great to meet cool folks!

The Burlesque has been mixed-some really awesome stuff and some hmmmmm so so stuff. Kinda just like in the States.
Oh and Ophelia and I commented on ALL of the damn ukes...too many at the FRINGE! Not everyone can do a good job with them.

So far I have done a zillion shows: Sideshow (popped my Finge Cherry-thanks Paul L Martin), Bongo Club twice once as Compere!, Amazing Now You Can Juggle at the Zoo, All Star Comedy and Magic from SF, Minsirty of Burlesque High tease @ the Voodoo Rooms, Glasgow Dr Sketchy's Birthday, the Marquee de Sideshow and Hellfire Club....phew...tons of cool stuff!

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