Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ooops...somehow I used the same picture twice!

For the Birmingham UK SHOW I plan on seeing Monty my pal who plays keyboards in the DAMNED!
Nice to know someone from the tour is coming out to see me perform.
That was so so so so FUN!

Captain Sensible as Susy Lollipop with Mi Mi le Meaux, Missy Malone, and Kitten.

The Twisted Cabaret Girls throw an AWESOME party in Cambridge! It's the whole GANG!
Captain, Monty, Dave Vanian and the TWISTED GIRLS!

Long time no Blog.
I have beenn doing a lot of shows here and there. Some fun...some not so fun.
When your homelife sucks....it can bleed over into your work-which is really bad.
Performing is usually such an awesome escape for me!

I leave for the UK tommorrow!
WOW-I cannot wait.
I metv this really great woman named who booked me for a 1920's party for her University.
Everyone knows how much I love the Tin Pan Alley era!
Gonna be a blast.
I cannot be naughty though-that's OK!

I have friends comming down from Scotland to hang out with!

Then I perform at the GLEE Club in Birmingham thanks to Al and Saffron of Candy Box Burlesque!
They are wonderful folks who do so much for the community!
This is the 3rd time there-but this will be a solo act!


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