Monday, June 19, 2006

Hey there-You are invited to come hear Kitten on the Keys play her sassy songs at the Rite Spot Cafe2099 Folsom Street at
photo by supersnail
Hapy Happy All!Miss Kitten on the Keys and Rodney from the Muddflappers Request a little bit of love from the performing arts comminity:we need asssistance with this fabulous contest in the San Francisco Bay Guardian Best Of The Bay Awards:
Kitten on the Keys...for best of burlesque....... why? OK-so she not a very good dancer but an outragesou idea and costume person who heck just loves to have a good ol time!She's vertsaltile,-loveable and goofy- she's traveld the world-esp to Paris where she is featured in a coffee table sized book and is profiledas the musical MC for Burlesuefest in the USA and Canada,Hosted Teaseorama 3 times, Hosted the Legends Night at Miss Exotic World including this year in VEGAS, recorded 3 CD's on her own CD label, won best costume award at MEW for 2005, won a Golden Patstie Award at the NEW YORK Burlesfest, was profiled in Smimmy Magazine-quikie shots of her are on Top Chef on Bravo and an upcoming MTV show, lost a bunch of teeth and was awarded with an amzing outrouring of LOVE from the community and continues to strip out her teeth and MUCH MORE!
Voting ends 6/20/06 (Kitten's birthday!)
While at it.... why not vote for best band... the MUDD Flappers...kitten's new band with Rodney Austin-the chick with the great big DICK. 1920's hilrious toe tapping melodies with Kitten on Uke, piano backing vocals and accordion!
You know Rodney and I appreciate this SO VERY VERY MUCH!
LOve to all who can help us out!
XXXXOOOOOKITTEN on the Keys and the Mudd

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Bay Area native pianist and singer Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys .