Friday, January 25, 2008

The day is so rainy! I know it rains harder other places in the world but this is crazy for San Francisco. I wonder what Ocean Beach looks like. Houses are gonna slide and trees are gonna crash.
I have not blogged in a long time-since the summer. My internet connection was too slow.
I adored the UK...the Twisted Cabaret Of The Damned was a success and everyone was nice to me. The age and fat thing for some reason does not apply in the UK. Very refreshing.
Enjoyed my time with Mi Mi le Meaux (foreinor sing OFF!) and Missy Malone from Scotland. (piiiiiiiiink cooooooooooter and TSP....I love that stinky burney stuff. My skin clears up the pimples so much faster now!

The New Year was fun ...I was in San Diego playing and then I met up with my pal Jaye.

Enjoy the pictures from the Twisted Cabaret...roadies, Mi Mi and Pinch, Missy , Captain Sensible's smacked pink ass and MORE!

Sass! Sequins! Songs!

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