Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sacrificial Lamb Suzanne Ramsey June 4, 2006
Sung to the music of a Chinese Restaurant

(new song from the upcoming one woman show-Does this piano make my ass look big?)

There's something wrong I fear
Save the family Kitty Dear
Mom's a washed up actress
Best career move on a matress
Sinks full of dirty dishes
And Babies Dirty Britches
Get us out of this predicament
From this filthy tenement
Nibbling Bon Bon Dad
No Alimony, NO PONY!
Bedroom Icicle
He prefers tots on a tricycle
I'll get real high on hooch
Then Sell my lil Cooch
Catch a buzz on ripple
as they nibble my budding nipples
I'll never never cry
as the drops ooze down my thighs
icky icky DOC
My lambchop He will POP
Shiff my wee cream puff
Hairy dudes in the BUFF
Slimy toughs from the sewer
My ass gets black and bluer
That man he does lear
As he sticks it in my rear
That slobby sweaty bloke
My Innocence he will poke
Down there should be bare
The customers all care
I pray to Jesus,
While staring at the ceiling ( I see bunnies and kitties and ponies and
hamsters and fluffy clouds that look like marshmellow smiles.....)
Yucky car dealer
He's a bottom feeder
Everybody Knows
Where the clown's red knows grows
Clamor for the camera
My Lil girlie glamour
Close my eyes real tight
Badness go away tonight
Sticky bun delight
Close my eyes with fright
I'm the sacrificial LAMB

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