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Accordion Squeeze Box Babes! Kitten is Miss MAY 2009! Order Now!
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Subject: Kitten on the Keys MISS MAY 2009 Accordion Squeeze Box Babes

hhhhhhh Kitten on the SQUEEZE

A gal and her accordion!
If you love fun sexy musical pin ups and the accordion- then this 2009
calander is for you!

Kitten on the Keys is pleased to be MISS MAY 2009 in the Accordion
Babes Calander for the San Francisco Bay Area!
Thanks to the fabulous Alyssa McNutt and Don and Tracy for their
artistic genius.
I am a songbird enclosed in a giant cage forever singing and squeezin-
sculpture by Rosanna.

Comes with an awesome CD with a song by each Accordion Babe from the
San Francisco Bay Area.
Includes Mad Maggie, Big Lou, Yard Dogs Roadshow, Renee de la Parde and

Please email KITTEN if you are interested in this UNIQUE calander/CD
for 2009!
If interested we can do the whole PAY PAL thing.
Each one retails for $20.00 but I will be selling them for $15.00 plus
shipping. Shipping is approx 4.00 on ea one.
We can do pay pal
or email me and we can do Money Order
There wil be a live concert of the Accordion Babes at Good Vibrations
in SF Valencia Street Dec 6th.
Many other events and live concerts in connection with the calander
will be released soon.
Details soon!

Enjoy! Keep Squeezin!


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