Thursday, November 24, 2005

Had a nice rehersal for DLS last night.
Richard Hall, the pianist remembered all of my songs!
So wonderful to work with great musicians!
Got to tinkle the ivories and fool around with Chave.... she is sweet.
Doing Goodship Lolipop strip
Lola for the Lollies
and a fun version of Hilo Hattie on my uke for the girls and RJ to hula to.
Sounds GREAT!

Had so much fun at the last Viva Variety.
There were fantastic performers on the bill!
Mathew Martin, Peggy Judy, Peggy L'eggs doing Ophelia, Will Franken is AMAZING, and so much more! I feel so good to be included in such a wonderful show that donates all of its money to charity.
I will misss performing there.
I played piano for Dr Elmo's new Prison Without Martha SOng and then we did his big hit
"Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer". Thanks to Velocity Circus for having me there as a guest. Dr Elmo is so super sweet. He gave me his blessing to do his song at a little X'Mas show I am doing at Madrone Lounge 12/24 with Uni and her Ukulele.

Then I was off to Trannyshack where the Savage song got a great response!
I love Trannyshack.
So fun to do 2 shows in a row where people are actually nice to me and appreciate me!
Yippppeeeee, about time.

Moving away is going to be hard but I have to do it for my sake!
I only have a teeny tiny bit of sanity left!

I am writing lotsa new songs including a sad ballady waltz about a loveless X'Mas for Jon Bennet Ramsey.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I was so happy I got to MC the Laughing Squid 1oth anniversary party at the Varnish Fine Art Gallery downtown 12/10. I was fortunate enough to MC amazing acts as well as play piano and sing. My wonderful pal Joshua Ellingsaon did the
artwork of the squid.
I made a squid necklace and also made squid pasties with golden squid sparklies for my boobies.
I was squealing with kittenish delight as the amazing Nik Phelps of Sprocket Ensemble played naughty 1920's standards with me.
WOW! Was that fun. We really jelled on such classics as "King Size Papa" and more!
Usually at those events people don't listen but a couple people mentioned they really enjoyed the songs!
Mr Lucky was fabulous as always and he even had the one and only J Raul Brody play with him.
I got to sit on MR Brody's lap (he was wearing cordouroy pants so it felt good). Mr Brody backed up Pee Wee Herman and Florence Henderson in the same week once.
Scott was so happy! What a sweetheart!
I also got to hang out with Freddie Price of Rube Wadell fame and his lovely gal Lily from
Yardogs Roadshow. They enjoyed my new song "Leather Daddy".
Nik and Nancy were dolls and gave me a ride all the way home!
Some photo links from the party:

Don't forget to come see me sing for the Lollies at Dirty Little Secret at the Plush Room 11/26
at the York Hotel! Many fun surprises abound!
My pal RJ is the host of the show!
I had such a busy week!
First I did exceprts from my upcoming one woman show Kitty Glitter for Fool's Fury
Theater Company Factory.
Then I did my gals the Lollies a favor a sang "You Bring Out The Savage In me" at Douglas Good's Cabaret Verdalet at DNA. The show had a becy of beauties including Jill Tracy as the MC, Veronica Klaus,
Rj Owens Magic, The World Famous Bob from NYC, and of course the Lollies.
The band was fantatsic!

Friday I got to hand out with a fabulous old friend.
So nice to catch up with her!

Saturday just made me fall to pieces.
I was in Paul Nathan's Dark Kabaret.
My ride never came so Miss Cat had to come and load her car.
She was not feeling well but she came to the show looking FABULOUS!
Ended up to be so much work because I played piano for myself and also had to play for others.
I was not counting on that so it put me in super stress mode.
Unfortunately my own work suffered because of it.
I did two new songs, "Vodka" and the "Hot Nut Swing" on ukulele.
Mt Tinkler loaned me his new tenor ovation uke. So much fun!
Singing with Eric McFaden is a dream come true.
Paul ended up thanking me profously so it was all worth it.
There is a reason I want to quit show biz but thanks makes it better

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