Friday, October 08, 2004

2 Great Shows The Odeon Bar Goes NORTH 10/5, 10/6
Dante's1 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR(503) 226-6630www.danteslive.comShow begins at 9:00 with Krob and videos.9:30 Dr. Hal dinosaur slide show10:00 Will Franken10:15 sparkle motion10:25 famous10:40 Roky Roulette10:45 don paul10:55 yashi11:10 Hot pink11:20 rubberboy11:35 Lonesome Doormen11:45 Loop Station12:00 Zoli12:10 kitten12:25 Toshio12:45 Dammit12:55 Sparlke motion1:05 Sing along with Chicken & Hal1:25 show endsThe Catwalk Club172 S. WashingtonSeattle, WA 98102(206) 622-1863Krob is our music confabulator. He is a soundscape artists and video collage mixer. His work is disturbing and hysterical. Undescribable.Dr. Hal Robins is the founder of the Church of the Subgenius. The sage of the Odeon Bar, he is all knowing, all seeing. Hal mentally bench presses language and has thousands of poem committed to memory including the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the Prophet and many JRR Tolkien just to name a few. As a member of the scientific community, amateur paleontologist Dr. Hal will give a 30 minute slide show of the history of dinosaurs. It may sound a bit wholesome, but this show is the most fascinating, relevant and astute social commentary on our culture today. No shit. 1head.html click through the pictures it's fun!Will Franken weaves countless comedic characters into a ridiculious web that captures you and will not let you go. The first time I saw him I almost peed my pants. He is really funny. Motion is 5 girls trapped in a spandex time warped performance humility experiment. A show that started in a bedroom mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone… but then Chicken John gave them a stage…The Famous are an avant-country group. Their hit; Daly City Lady will be blasting out of Caprice Classics’ all over the country any minute now. Call their hot line:1-800-2FAMOUS Roulette is the worlds only pogo stick jumping strip tease artist. He takes it all off without ever missing a jump. Awesome!!! Coldpepper, Master of Forbidden Arts will perform a mysterious magical re-animation of a GOLEM!!!! SCARY!!!!!Jascha Ephraim is a new wave leotard disaster. His music is urban contemporary. An eclectic mix of Prince, easy listening and Devo. But when you listen to the lyrics it’s punk fucking rock. His song “It’s raining astronauts” is just plain wrong. But the casual laise-faire feel good song of the 70’s vibe is morbid and silly. His show includes a wonderment of visuals displayed on mammoth screen on stage that he can’t stop looking at as he’s singing. He’s a weird guy. from the Hot Pink Feathers has an award winning ass. No shit, at the international burlesque festival in NYC last year she won an award for having the best ass in burlesque. You’ll see why. Kellita will dance to Samba grooves and generally be the most energetic and cute thing in our show. Browning Smith is the Rubberboy. Star of stage and screen (most notably next seasons’ Carnival) Daniel is the son Chicken never had. The most flexible man alive, his show will leave you feeling like you are 2 dimensional. The only thing more twisted than his body is the dialog that you will share with him while he sticks his elbow in his ear, puts his chin on his spine and wraps his quaint southern demeanor around your heart. door is a lonely place, especially at the Odeon Bar, where a doorman sees a great many things but doesn’t have anyone to tell them about. So we gave Burke and Phoenix 15 minutes of stage time to recall and recount the endless strange nights that have given them the wisdom to help make the word a better place, but not enough for them to get a real job.Loop Station is the name of an effects pedal used by singer Robin and chellist Sam to create endless layers of sound-on-sound replacing the standard band mold. The result is intimate, powerful music that totally rocks. Loop Station is the most interesting musical act that ever graced the Odeon stage. is an idiot.Kitten on the Keys. What can I say about the best piano player in SF? (although I heard she really sucks on the organ!). Kitten is a cute-as-button, with foot fetish, a giant vibrator and a ukulele. Her song “Grandma sells my panties on E-bay” is going to stay in your mind for months. Her voice is in the realm of Keely Smith or a gospel singer. And her mind is in the gutter. Hirano. Old tyme country western from way out East. Toshio is the most sincere performer I have ever met. He learned Jimmy Rodgers’ song repertoire whilst still residing in his native Japan. Before he learned English. Engrish. He is damn good, and his love for country blues is monumental. Adorable.Dammit the Amazing Wonder Dog is 15 years old this year. Dammit has had crowds cheering since her first tour with Circus Redickuless in 1994 and shows no sign of stopping. She might not jump as high or bite as hard, but she is still the act that no one wants to go on after. Her routine of tricks has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people and every one of them points and says “That damn dog!!!” Along With Chicken & Hal is a small combo of musicians including Chicken John on guitar and Dr. Hal singing. A ridiculous journey that illuminates the forgotten songs of the past by spicing them up and Hal laying them down. A very unlikely but very good rockin' romp.... really fun.

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