Monday, December 22, 2003

12/24 Second Xmassy Show!
Rite Spot Cafe Xmas Eve Free 8PM
17th and Folsom
Bar Open!
Kitchen is closed! But bring nibblies!
Pot luck nibblies!
Wow! It's been since since April!
Two fun Xmassy shows this week in San Francisco!
The Odeon Bar 3223 Mission at Valencia 8PM 12/23
8PM Free! celebrity bartender! Mister Tinkler sings songs that got him banned in Marin!
Kitten sings some naughty songs from the new CD
"Pretty Princess" out in 2004!
Come on BY! Kitten swag available to stuff your stocking with!
Pink Pussy Panties, CD's, and Girlie T's!

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Kitten On the Keys joins Camanda Galactica
@ the Shelton Theater for a ARTsf Benefit,
Sunday, April 27th.
For complete information, check out
While on a job in Vegas, Kitten stumbles into the Liberace
Museum and ends up playing Libby's FABULOUS Mirrored Baldwin Grand Piano!
Ahhhh Bliss!
Kitten On the Keys @ Broadway studios
for their 9th Anniversary 4/25 and 4/26
...w/ Cantankerous Lollies
and Sf Famous Burlesque Revue. 10.oo
For more information, check out

Monday, March 24, 2003

Kitten On the Keys in Los Angeles!
April 2nd @ Devil's Punchbowl
w/ Kitty Diggins and others!

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Kitten On the Keys
Joins Girly Freak Show!
Camanda Galactica, Emily, Slymenstra Hymen!
FUN FUn Fun 3/22
Odeon Bar 3223 Mission St @ Valencia
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom St @ 17th
Kitten On the Keys plays piano and more!
3/16 9PM Free
Women's Performance Night #8
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom @ 17th
A variety of female singer songwriters!
Kitten goes on @ 7:30!
Brand New Songs!
Accordion, Ukulele, Toy Piano!

Friday, February 28, 2003

Thee Parkside w/ Devil Doll
Kitten On the Keys and Kitty Diggins open up!
3/1/2003 10PM Burlesque and Music! for more info!
Rock OUT SF March 1, 2003
Musicians Protest The War
Come see Kitten On the Keys @ 46th and Judah Muni Stop and 7-11
Parking Lot 1-2PM!
Panty flyin' fun!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

2/28 Hootchie Cootchie Cabaret @ The Odeon!
Kitty Diggins Presents, LA Artists and locals kids in the
The Hootchie Cootchie Cabaret
Friday, Feb. 28,2003 @ The Odeon Bar
An evening of Naughtiness and Hanky Panky!

Sideshow/Burlesque Artists:
Slymenstra Hymen from Girly Freak Show/ GWAR (from LA)

Camanda Galactica Pyrotechnic Princess and Danger Diva!

Magic Tricks and More by Christopher Wonder (LA)

Rodney Austin! the Chick with the Great Big D*ck
(Flapper,Artist ,Inventor from San Francisco)

Musical Shenanigans by San Francisco's Kitten On the Keys

And the vintage Burlesque stylings of Miss Kitty Diggins! (LA)

10.00 bucks
Odeon Bar
3223 Mission @ Valencia

For more information, contact
Kitty Diggins

Friday, February 07, 2003

My Asinine Valentine
A show about how pooopy love can be!
Saucy chantuese and pianist, Suzanne Ramsey,
Kitten On the Keys, serves up a sassy smorgasbord
of Tin Pan Alley Faves and Punky Cabaret.
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom @ 17th
San Francisco, CA
9 PM
Kitten On the Keys opens for the legendary crooner, Harvey Sid Fisher!
Feb 7th and 8th @ The Odeon Bar 3223 Mission ST in San Francisco!
Show is $10.00 or $7.00 with a bad tattoo.

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