Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Balboa Movie Theater
3630 Balboa Street
San Francisco

The Balboa Theatre will celebrate its 80th Birthday on Monday, February 27. Each year our Balboa Birthday Bash is a highlight of the film year as we recreate a night at the movies in 1926. It is a night to dress in your best period clothing and plan to see Rudolph Valentino and Vilma Banky in THE EAGLE. To learn more about the adventure, comedy and romance that awaits you,.
Nik Phelps is busy writing another original musical score to perform live with the fabulous Larry Dunlap on piano. Suzanne Ramsey , San Francisco's "It " Girl known as Kitten On the Keys, has some musical surprises and James Hamilton will provide some magical ones in our vaudeville show. There will be prizes, a special birthday cake created by Diane Boate and libations for all.
Tickets are now on sale at the Balboa box office. Only $10 a person gets you all the above and surprises to be revealed soon.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hey there everyone! Happy New Year and Ground Hog Day! Whew-this new year has been one heck of a kooky crazy roller coaster ride! Performances have been slim because this little feline has been trying to take care of some pretty big messes left in her kitty glitter box! Looking for a new home! I need new teeth! (ick) Any help for someone on a muscians budget would be swell! I think I have to stay in the Bay Area for family right now. But let's forget the drama and move on to the FUN stuff! The New CD Project is a wee bit delayed but I am excited to say that I have some wonderful musical surprises in store for you- A Kitty Band! The FABULOUS Ukulele God Frank Novicki from APE, SF Famous Burlesque Orchestra and more is playing as well as fabulous drummer about town Mike Burns. These talented musicians will be joined by Punk Rock legends and more! So Excited! My paws are shakin'! Frank even wrote Kitten a jungle themed ditty she has been performing about town and abroad. The song "You Bring Out The Savage In Me" opened Cabaret New Burlesque in Paris ,France. Expect Flapperosity, Tiki Goodness, Hot Nut Swing, and the usual Kitten Shenanigans from the new CD out sometime this year! The One Woman Show is still on track: "Does This Piano Make My Ass Look Big?" Exceprts will be performed March 11th at Fred Anderson's Comedy Cabaret 3/11/06 in a small theater to be announced. Speaking of France- Kitten on the Keys returns to Europe in July/August. Stay tuned! Anyone with show ideas or collaborations-contact me at kittykeys@aol.com! Kitten on the Keys continues her saucy band ,The Mudd Flappers w/theChick with The Great Big Dick Rodney Austin. Thanks to all that came out to Little Minsky's in Jan. Kitten and Roky Roulette continue to collaborate on some daring sexy duos...... see them perform their marionette act at SF hot spot Supperclub.... a 5 course meal and wild performances IN BED! www.supperclub.com 2nd and Harrision 2/7 and 2/8 8 PM Dinner reservations a must! Special Valentine's Performances from Kitten and Roky 2/18 Watch for more KItten appearances @ Supperclub. It is kinda the studio 54 of the restarant set. One never knows what the theme or performances will be. The restaurant boasts some of the greatest hosts and hostesess in town! Stu from Bix has signed on full time and my fave drag princess EVER Princess Kennedy of Pepper Spray Fame. I adore working with her! 2/9/06 Rite Spot Cafe Kitten tickles the ivories 9PM Free New Songs 2099 Folsom at 17th www.ritespotcafe.com 2/18/06 Kitten tickles ivories at Martiott Hotel 5-8PM 4th Street Downtown SF Between Mission and Market Atrium Lounge If you like Styx and Sondheim and stale pretzels-this is for you! FREE with cocktails 2/27 Balboa Theater's 80th B-Day Party! www.balboamovies.com This WONDERFUL theater will be showing 1920's rare classics. Nik Phelps of the Sprocket Ensemble writes an original score! Kitten on the Keys plays pre show flapper classics. Magician James Hamilton and Kitten on the Keys perform vaudeville acts extroidinaire in the intermission! This always sells out so get there early! Libations and cake after the film! March will bring more fun songs and great shows! Thanks for being on this list! Love and kitty glitter, Kitten www.kittymusic.com

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