Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oh my god...
I am listening to the Darkness and having fun with my computer.
The first Darkness... I think they have a new album out.
Or do we call it CD now?
I guess that is a guilty secret that I am sharing with the world right now.
All my pals have restraining orders either against them or they are putting them on other folks.
So hard to get along with crazy people.
Do people just forget to take their meds?
Or are the meds not working?
Are my meds working?
Hard to say.
Sometimes I am paranoid.
REALLY paranoid.
It was raining so HARd today and I had ice cream in the rain with Rodney.
It was minty and I felt fresh in the buckets of rain.
We have a leak in the ceiling.
Joan was awesome and got right on the problem.
Cool for an 86 year old lady!
I am alwasy so fearful that the mean old church will kick me out for being a sinner asshole.
I am a sinner asshole but I am a nice sinner asshole who listens to the Darkness in secret....
I mean it was a secret.
I think I am going to listen to someone else now.....
SOPHIE TUCKER rhymes with fucker.
I have liquid poos from all of the stress.
It feels bad.

I have realized that I am difficult because I have a certain standard.
Things do not have to be so difficult.
I just want to work with people that have their poop together.
Is it that hard?
Having a show at 8PM and not having a set list yet at 8:05 is irritating and UNPROFESSIONAL.
Lying is also VERY unprofessional.
So funny how I become the butt of jokes due to someones inferiority complex about themselves and their sexuality. Why do these guys suck so bad?
And it is always MEN!
They really have huge egos and try to dominate me.
I have just gotten PISSED off lately and will not put up with it?
Why should I?
I hate it when men are not fair and pit other women against eachother.

I am so happy I am leaving.
I keep looking at all these places and the best is just AWAY.
I guess I can leave before the church kicks me out.
I have no husband.
No real skills or anything I do really.
I am just kinda a bog marshmellow moonpie with liquid poop who listens to the darkness.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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