Monday, December 22, 2003

12/24 Second Xmassy Show!
Rite Spot Cafe Xmas Eve Free 8PM
17th and Folsom
Bar Open!
Kitchen is closed! But bring nibblies!
Pot luck nibblies!
Wow! It's been since since April!
Two fun Xmassy shows this week in San Francisco!
The Odeon Bar 3223 Mission at Valencia 8PM 12/23
8PM Free! celebrity bartender! Mister Tinkler sings songs that got him banned in Marin!
Kitten sings some naughty songs from the new CD
"Pretty Princess" out in 2004!
Come on BY! Kitten swag available to stuff your stocking with!
Pink Pussy Panties, CD's, and Girlie T's!

Sass! Sequins! Songs!

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Bay Area native pianist and singer Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys .