Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year! on Sunday 1/29/06 Kitten on the Keys opens for Scarlot Harlot:
Event: Scarlot Harlot presents Whore College: A Performance and Lecture Series (featuring weekly guests stars including Annie Sprinkle, Tina Butcher, Carol Queen, Robyn Few and Kitten on The Keys)Dates: Saturday and Sundays (Two weekends) January 21, 22, 28 and 29.Times: All Shows at 8 PMLocation: Epicenter Gallery, 398 11th St. (near Harrison), San FranciscoCost Sliding Scale $10-$20URL: for publication: 415-861-1157Email: harlot@unrepentantwhore.comPhotos for Publication at:"Whore College" is a series of educational and entertaining evenings by long time sex worker, activist, artist and Dean of Whores, Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot. This series includes multi-media song, dance, schtick and Power Point presentations in collaboration with local artists and educators. Attend all four evenings and earn your continuing education degree in "Sex Worker Arts and Politics."On the occasion of the passage of the first federal (intrastate) anti-prostitution legislation (HR 972, see Whore College launches an educational program presenting performances and videos documenting sex worker art and resistance from around the globe, plus discussions about new repressive laws and policies brought to us by the Bush administration and our local moralists. Each evening will be introduced by a guest star and focus on a theme of sex worker arts and politics.Presentations and performances by Annie Sprinkle and Tina Butcher (January 21st); Carol Queen with selections from Peep Show (January 22nd); Robyn Few and SWOP (January 28th); and Kitten on The Keys (January 29th). Additional contributions, costumes graphics and more by Dee Dee Russell, Neon Weiss, Gilbert Baker, Gina Gold, Wang Fang Ping, Sexy Shock, Erochica Bamboo and others.Also featured throughout January at the Epicenter Gallery is the current exhibit sponsored by the Center for Sex and Culture, Tina Butcher's "The Traveling Erotic Art Show" a touring kinky exhibition of curated mixed media including live performance art, video art, and photography on the subjects of kink, bondage, and fetishism.Unrepentant Whore: Collected Works of Scarlot Harlotby Carol Leigh , 240 pages/paperback/ ISBN 0-86719-584-3Scarlot Harlot, unrepentant whore, activist, and artist, is a brazen, brainy hooker. Since the late 1970s, Harlot (AKA Carol Leigh) has written, performed and produced work in a variety of genres on women's issues and her experiences in the sex industry. This collection of articles and essays documents over twenty years of prostitute radicalism from a leader of the sex workers' rights movement. Heady, political, and sexy, these autobiographical missives defend sex, queer rights and reproductive freedom and attack fundamentalist feminism, economic injustice and discrimination. Leigh's writings explore a historic cultural and artistic underground from an irreverent point of view, challenging conventions of sexuality, aesthetics, technology and prevailing social mores.***************************"Scarlot Harlot presents Whore College" Schedule1. Sex Worker Political Art from Around the Globe- Saturday, January 21stThis series is introduced by Annie Sprinkle Ph.D., prostitute/porn star turned performance artist/sexologist. Her autobiography, Post Porn Modernist (Cleis Press) is a cult classic and her last book, Hardcore from the Heart: The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of Sex in Performance, won the Firecracker Alternative Book Award (2002). Her brand new book, "Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular -- Makeover Your Love Life" (Penguin/Tarcher) is her first mainstream how-to self-help book.Also featured this evening is Tina Butcher and her bondage persona Madison Young, collaborating in a spectacular spoken word and bondage performance in beautiful suspension. Tina is a performance artist, and founder of Femina Potens Art Gallery. Madison Young is a bondage and fetish model who travels the world getting tied up for videos and magazines.Scarlot Harlot introduces her series with her slide show about sex worker culture from around the world featuring a report about her recent participation at the European Sex Workers Conference in Brussels in October 2005. This presentation has screened internationally and at colleges in the US and presents a unique collection of artifacts from sex workers from all over the world.2- "Sex Workers in the Looking Glass" Sunday, January 22ndCarol Queen introduces the evening, performing segments from Peep Show. We go behind the scenes at the pre-union Lusty Lady Theatre with Queen, who worked there as Minx Manx in 1990! In her solo spoken word piece Peep Show she introduces you to her colleagues in tall boots and blonde wigs and to a few of her most notable customers as she found her calling (and her exhibitionistic self) in the Private Pleasures booth, where anyone could come to Talk To A Live Nude Girl!Carol Queen is the author of "Exhibitionism for the Shy," "Real Live Nude Girl," and "The Leather Daddy and the Femme" and the co/editor of seven other books. She's been in several sex ed videos, including Bend Over Boyfriend, and is both the director of the Center for Sex & Culture and the staff sexologist at Good Vibrations.Leigh performs pieces from her book, Unrepentant Whore and screens videos of sex worker performances, focusing on self-representation.3- "The Truth About Trafficking and Other Stories" January 28thRobyn Few of SWOP and Scarlot Harlot combine talents and passions as they educate you about recent trends in anti-prostitution legislation.This evening of song, film and politics features Robyn Few, Director of Sex Workers' Outreach Project. Filmmaker Few will screen her recent documentary about decrminalization in New Zealand and discuss SWOP's recent efforts in their campaign to decriminalize prostitution. Leigh and Few also launch their musical debut in "Puttanesca."Leigh's Power Point show "The Truth About Trafficking" presents a sex worker rights perspective on the current discourses about trafficking. Providing little known gossip and facts about how mainstream feminists (even Gloria Steinem!) sold out the sex workers tracing the current anti-trafficking framework to the 19th century white slavery movement.Few and Scarlot will talk about recent legislation and policies which target all commercial sex from porn to prostitution and could have an effect on San Francisco's economy and the welfare of our city's residents. Come to Whore College this evening and learn why the Bush police might knock down your door. 4-"The Trick and Pimping Show" Sunday, January 29th featuring Madame Scarlot, Psychic Prostitute, and Kitten on The KeysThe Psychic Prostitute launches this evening with her amazing supernatural powers. Madame Harlot will guess your sexual kinks and fetishes simply by meditating on your aura (as prostitutes do, ofcourse) Warning: Don't bring anyone from whom you have any secrets!Kitten on the Keys, Suzanne Ramsey, will open the show with naughty, outrageous ditties such as "Grandma Sells My Panties on E-bay." She is a firkeytoodlin' frisky feline galloping with uber kittitude. As seen on HBO, E! , IFC, Queer TV and other media outlets, she embodies the spirit and style of those days of decadence gone by. Suzanne won the SF Weekly Music Award in the New Genre/Beyond Category for her campy vaudevillian performances of her kinky cabaret ditties in 2003! At the 2nd Annual NY Burlesque festival, Kitten won a Golden Pastie Award for being the Biggest Tease! Pianist and chanteuse, expect a racy ragtime romp when this little kitty sharpens her claws on a meow mix medley of mad cap gems of yesteryear with a naughty whimsical edge. Suzanne has performed in London, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo, Nantes and Lille(France) and US cities.-- Carol LeighBay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network

Thursday, December 22, 2005

We need to all come to this benefit for Heather McCallister!
Read on:

Please contact Lady Monster for more information at .

Fat-Bottom Mama’s Benefat
A benefit for the Founder and Artistic Director of Big Burlesque and The Original Fat-Bottom Revue, Heather MacAllister

December 20, 2005: San Francisco, Calif. —
On Saturday, January 14th at the Center For Sex and Culture (at 398 11th Street @ Harrison), a benefit will be held at 8pm to raise money for Heather MacAllister.
Battling ovarian cancer for over two years, this young Detroit fat and queer activist needs the support of her community at large.

She is also the founder of the Venus Group, a social and support network other fat artists and activists.

Performing under the name, RevaLucien, she brought her passions to San Francisco, and onto the burlesque stage. She created the world’s only touring plus-sized burlesque troupe (The Original Fat Bottom Revue).

Performers at the Benefat will include those in the Bay Area that have supported and performed with Heather in the past – including burlesque, dance, spoken word and song performances. On the list to date are: Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stevens, Carol Queen, Scarlot Harlot, Big Burlesque, Kitten on the Keys, Big Moves’ Phat Fly Girls – West Coast, Creamy Goodness, Jennifer Blowdryer, the Diamond Daggers, Kelly Keggers, Lori Selke, Marilyn Wann, and appearances by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. There will also be various donated items up for auction.

In 2005 Big Burlesque traveled the country-wide. A smash-hit East Coast tour, a Southwestern swing with Candye Kane (including knocking off the celebs socks at the infamous Brown Derby in LA), elegance-extraordinaire at Tease-O-Rama, and our flabulous production, `Hot Summer Nights` at Theater Rhino, PanTease II, and performances at the following events: Dyke March, NoLose Conference, NAAFA Conference, Exotic Erotic Ball and many other shows, including our usual frolicy fun at The Dark Room.

Big Burlesque has also had a great deal of amazing press from being featured in Leonard Nimoy`s photographic series, “Maximum Beauty”. This includes the following magazines in international circulation: Time, New Yorker, Bizarre, and Juxtapoz, and several newspapers. These photographs were also featured on the Style network in an interview special with Leonard Nimoy. AND, we hope you caught the KQED SPARK episode that featured Big Burlesque.

In the November 2005 issue of Bizarre Heather says, “Any time there is a fat person onstage as anything besides the butt of a joke, it’s political. Add physical movement, then dance, then sexuality and you have a revolutionary act.”

The Bare Facts
What: Fat-Bottom Mama's Benefat

When: Saturday, Jan. 14th. 8 – 11pm

Where: Center for Sex and Culture, 398 11th Street (@ Harrison), SF

Who: Fat activists and artists come together for burlesque, dance, song and spoken word performances in honor of the founder of Big Burlesque and the Venus Group, Heather MacAllister (aka RevaLucien). (

How Much: $15-20 sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Volunteer work exchange acceptable.
Wheelchair access is available.

Always Make Pleasure Your Goal

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Meow Meow!
A brand new review of Pretty Princess Day!
Makes me feel good that it is still out there in the Universe!
Yippeee doodle!

Had fun playing at the Mariott last night.
They do not need any piano tonight so I am performing at Dirty Little Secret.
RJ is off so we now have Eddie Dane!
That will be great.
Doing Granny Sells My Panties on Ebay with him!

Kids shows tommorrow.... kinda early.... but should be gratifying.
Purchased 75 or more kazoos so the kids could play along!
I have to say I am liking X-mas music this year.
I can't say!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oh my god...
I am listening to the Darkness and having fun with my computer.
The first Darkness... I think they have a new album out.
Or do we call it CD now?
I guess that is a guilty secret that I am sharing with the world right now.
All my pals have restraining orders either against them or they are putting them on other folks.
So hard to get along with crazy people.
Do people just forget to take their meds?
Or are the meds not working?
Are my meds working?
Hard to say.
Sometimes I am paranoid.
REALLY paranoid.
It was raining so HARd today and I had ice cream in the rain with Rodney.
It was minty and I felt fresh in the buckets of rain.
We have a leak in the ceiling.
Joan was awesome and got right on the problem.
Cool for an 86 year old lady!
I am alwasy so fearful that the mean old church will kick me out for being a sinner asshole.
I am a sinner asshole but I am a nice sinner asshole who listens to the Darkness in secret....
I mean it was a secret.
I think I am going to listen to someone else now.....
SOPHIE TUCKER rhymes with fucker.
I have liquid poos from all of the stress.
It feels bad.

I have realized that I am difficult because I have a certain standard.
Things do not have to be so difficult.
I just want to work with people that have their poop together.
Is it that hard?
Having a show at 8PM and not having a set list yet at 8:05 is irritating and UNPROFESSIONAL.
Lying is also VERY unprofessional.
So funny how I become the butt of jokes due to someones inferiority complex about themselves and their sexuality. Why do these guys suck so bad?
And it is always MEN!
They really have huge egos and try to dominate me.
I have just gotten PISSED off lately and will not put up with it?
Why should I?
I hate it when men are not fair and pit other women against eachother.

I am so happy I am leaving.
I keep looking at all these places and the best is just AWAY.
I guess I can leave before the church kicks me out.
I have no husband.
No real skills or anything I do really.
I am just kinda a bog marshmellow moonpie with liquid poop who listens to the darkness.
Hear Kitten tickle the ivories in a oh so civilized manner on the baby grand!"If Music Be the Food of Love..."FoolsFURY Winter Gala December 3 rd, 200544 Page St., between Gough and Franklin 7:30-10:00pm

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Join Uni and her Ukulele and Kitten on the Keys for a night of old fashioned Christmas Cheer. The Madrone Lounge will be spinning vintage Christmas Favorites and the bar will be warming the cockles of your heart with Egg Nog and Hot Cider libations.Uni and her Ukulele will sing magical poignant songs and Kitten on the Keys will tickle her ivories and your funnybone with a delicious smorgasbord ofChristmas Classics with a twist. Expect "Baby It's Cold Outside" mixed with some up and coming classics the gals penned themselves. A daring duet is promised to give your yule log a rise! www
500 Divisidero Street
SF, CA 94117
Christmas Eve Fun!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Had a nice rehersal for DLS last night.
Richard Hall, the pianist remembered all of my songs!
So wonderful to work with great musicians!
Got to tinkle the ivories and fool around with Chave.... she is sweet.
Doing Goodship Lolipop strip
Lola for the Lollies
and a fun version of Hilo Hattie on my uke for the girls and RJ to hula to.
Sounds GREAT!

Had so much fun at the last Viva Variety.
There were fantastic performers on the bill!
Mathew Martin, Peggy Judy, Peggy L'eggs doing Ophelia, Will Franken is AMAZING, and so much more! I feel so good to be included in such a wonderful show that donates all of its money to charity.
I will misss performing there.
I played piano for Dr Elmo's new Prison Without Martha SOng and then we did his big hit
"Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer". Thanks to Velocity Circus for having me there as a guest. Dr Elmo is so super sweet. He gave me his blessing to do his song at a little X'Mas show I am doing at Madrone Lounge 12/24 with Uni and her Ukulele.

Then I was off to Trannyshack where the Savage song got a great response!
I love Trannyshack.
So fun to do 2 shows in a row where people are actually nice to me and appreciate me!
Yippppeeeee, about time.

Moving away is going to be hard but I have to do it for my sake!
I only have a teeny tiny bit of sanity left!

I am writing lotsa new songs including a sad ballady waltz about a loveless X'Mas for Jon Bennet Ramsey.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I was so happy I got to MC the Laughing Squid 1oth anniversary party at the Varnish Fine Art Gallery downtown 12/10. I was fortunate enough to MC amazing acts as well as play piano and sing. My wonderful pal Joshua Ellingsaon did the
artwork of the squid.
I made a squid necklace and also made squid pasties with golden squid sparklies for my boobies.
I was squealing with kittenish delight as the amazing Nik Phelps of Sprocket Ensemble played naughty 1920's standards with me.
WOW! Was that fun. We really jelled on such classics as "King Size Papa" and more!
Usually at those events people don't listen but a couple people mentioned they really enjoyed the songs!
Mr Lucky was fabulous as always and he even had the one and only J Raul Brody play with him.
I got to sit on MR Brody's lap (he was wearing cordouroy pants so it felt good). Mr Brody backed up Pee Wee Herman and Florence Henderson in the same week once.
Scott was so happy! What a sweetheart!
I also got to hang out with Freddie Price of Rube Wadell fame and his lovely gal Lily from
Yardogs Roadshow. They enjoyed my new song "Leather Daddy".
Nik and Nancy were dolls and gave me a ride all the way home!
Some photo links from the party:

Don't forget to come see me sing for the Lollies at Dirty Little Secret at the Plush Room 11/26
at the York Hotel! Many fun surprises abound!
My pal RJ is the host of the show!
I had such a busy week!
First I did exceprts from my upcoming one woman show Kitty Glitter for Fool's Fury
Theater Company Factory.
Then I did my gals the Lollies a favor a sang "You Bring Out The Savage In me" at Douglas Good's Cabaret Verdalet at DNA. The show had a becy of beauties including Jill Tracy as the MC, Veronica Klaus,
Rj Owens Magic, The World Famous Bob from NYC, and of course the Lollies.
The band was fantatsic!

Friday I got to hand out with a fabulous old friend.
So nice to catch up with her!

Saturday just made me fall to pieces.
I was in Paul Nathan's Dark Kabaret.
My ride never came so Miss Cat had to come and load her car.
She was not feeling well but she came to the show looking FABULOUS!
Ended up to be so much work because I played piano for myself and also had to play for others.
I was not counting on that so it put me in super stress mode.
Unfortunately my own work suffered because of it.
I did two new songs, "Vodka" and the "Hot Nut Swing" on ukulele.
Mt Tinkler loaned me his new tenor ovation uke. So much fun!
Singing with Eric McFaden is a dream come true.
Paul ended up thanking me profously so it was all worth it.
There is a reason I want to quit show biz but thanks makes it better

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Howdy there moonpies and cupcakes!
Miss Kitten On the Keys will be tinkling her ivories ,stroking her uke, and songbirding at these fine events in San Francisco:
11/19 TONIGHT Paul Nathan Dark Kabaret2 shows! 8PM and 10:30Kitten performs solo and with with Eric McFadden,Frank Olivier and Martina Mall from Berlinat the Great American Music
11/22 Viva Variety 8PM ODC Theater 50th and Final ShowSuzanne sings with X-Mas sensation Dr Elmo of "Grandma Got Ran Over by A reindeer" Fame. She'll be his backup singer. pianist, and glockenspielist!
and then later that night:
Catch Kitten singing and strippin' at TRANNYSHACK MidnightThe new Miss Trannyshack's first show!399 9th at Harrison 7
Save the date:December 3rd!at Xenodrome1320 Potero Street at 26thKatrina Benefit for the New Orleans Musicians
www.nomhrf.orgExtra Action Marching Bandthe Starlings Trapeze (Kitten's fave SF act!)Roky RouletteKitten on the Keys and MORE!
XXXXOOOOHappy Spankgiving!Love,

Monday, November 14, 2005

Come hear Kitten on the Keys sing new songs at Paul Nathan's Dark Kabaret!
Paul Nathan's Dark Kabaret
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
Early Show 8pm Late Show 10:30pm
----/ Event Description /-----------------------------------------------
One of the Bay Area's finest shows features top performing artists from all over the world. To call Dark Kabaret a "variety" show would be a disservice to the weird and wild mix of entertainment that will grace the stage. The Impressario Of Unusual Entertainment, Paul Nathan, has this stage jam-packed with oddities.The early show is family-friendly (if your family is cool), the second show ... not so much.
WHEN: Saturday, November 19th, 2005
SHOWTIMES: Early Show: Doors at 7:30pm Show starts promptly at 8pmLate Show: Doors at 10pm Show starts promptly at 10:30pm
WHERE: Great American Music Hall859 O'Farrell StreetSan Francisco, CA 94109 TICKETS: $20-$75Purchase on or call 415-364-1411For questions or information on Dark Kabaret email
----/ Venue Info /------------------------------------------------------
The Great American Music Hall859 O' Farrell StreetSan

----/ Additional Info /-------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey:Kitten on the Keys got a featured spot on the front of Bay Area Music Scene E-Zine for November! shows this month include:11/9 Sin Pan Alley Burlesque Revue at the Balboa Theaterwww.balboamovies.comSin in Soft Focus Film SeriesStarring:The LolliesRodney AustinThe Scenic SistersMagic of James HamiltonKitten on the Keys11/10 Rite Spot Cafe FREE!Piano Bar MadnessFlirty Flapper Songs and Power Rock Balladswww.ritespotcafe.net9-11 PMthen she's off to Little Minsky's to do a late night numberon Haight Street Bella Baretta and Eddie Dane host!11/12 Laughing Squid 10th AnniversaryVarnish GalleryKitten MC's this eventMr Lucky,Chicken John, Nik Phelps and MOREwww.laughingsquid.org11/16 Excerpts from one woman solo showKitty Glitter 8PMFools Fury Theater Festival at Traveling Jewish theaterNew funny tragic comedy stories and music!www.foolsfury.org11/19 Dark Kabaret 2 shows Great American Music Hallwww.darkkabaret.comPaul Nathan's SPECIAL showSuzanne sings NEW songs with Eric McFadden.11/22 Viva Variety Steve Murray's Queer and Queer friendly artist showcaseODC Theater50th and final showwww.makeitsoproductions.orgSuzanne sings and plays the glockenspiel with music legend DR Elmo of "Grandma Got Ran Over By A reindeer fame."(Suzanne would like to forget the fact that she played glockenspiel in highschool asa stoned marching band percussion section member......)Kitten is available to play fancy pants piano at your next event.Sassy or classy.... take your pick!Kitten On The Keys
Kitten just returned from Vegoose in Las Vegas!
Thanks to the Vau de Vire Society for having me!
>^..^<www.kittymusic.comVariety Artist, Vaudeville, CabaretPiano, Ukulele, Vocals, Accordion

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When: 11/9/05 8PM Wednesday In conjunction with the Balboa Theater's" Sin in Soft Focus" Pre Code Film Festival:
What: Sin Pan Alley Burlesque Review Live and in the Flesh! Dancing Girls! Titillating Temptresses! Mischievous Melodies! Lowbrow giggles and guffaws! A Bump and Grindy Ribald Romp!
The Sin Pan Alley Revue features some of San Francisco's Finest Performers!
The Lollies-award winning Burlesque troupe The Scenic Sisters-Tap Dancing cuties! A Saucy Sister Act! Kitten On the Keys-Ivory Tickling and Uke strummin' songstress Rodney Austin-Gender Bending Diva with a big SURPRISE! Special Guest Stars! Big Screen Surprises! Live Music and MORE!
Where: Balboa Movie Theater 3630 Balboa Street at 38th Ave in San Francisco's Richmond District
(415) 221-8184
$12.00 Adults Only
For more information: Contact Suzanne Ramsey Gary Meyer510-644-9131

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It was bound to happen sooner or later...
Are you ready for a smorgesborg of rock and roll goodness? San Francisco’s best rock band The Gun and Doll Show MEETS San Francisco’s sweethearts those high kickin’ hell cats.....The Devil-Ettes! Expect a night of wild LIVE ACTION dance and music (including COLLISON) that will have you beggin’ for more! The whole evening will be topped with a lovely sweet cherry Miss Kitten on the Keys – yummy!

The Gun & Doll Show (
The Devil-Ettes (
Kitten on the Keys (

Doors - 8:30pm
Show - 9:00pm



Oakland Metro
The Oakland Metro is a black box theater and opera house, located at 201 Broadway just one block from Jack London Square in Oakland's thriving downtown entertainment district.
201 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607

Saturday, October 08, 2005

10/8 Solo Piano Bar Night at The Marriot Hotel 5-8 Happy Hour

10/12 Cafe nu Nord
2170 Market Street
415-861-5016 Kitten opens for DR HAL

10/13 Thursday Flapper Fun at
Rite Spot Cafe
2099 Folsom at 17th
Piano Bar 9-11PM FREE

10/14 CD Release PARTY with LOLLIES
Band Mouth to Mouth has Kitten and the Lollies in between band sets
Details TBA

10/21 Oakland Metro
Gun and Doll Show, Devilettes
Doors 8:30 $10.00
201 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607

10/22 Exotic Erotic Ball
Kitten sings and plays piano!
Kitten will be singing on the main stage and will be on the Burlesque stage with SF's own vigilante Can Can Girls-The Diamond Daggers!

10/25 Tuesday Viva Variety
Steve Murray's Hit Show

Headlands Center for the Arts Mystery Ball early show

10/30 VEGOOSE Las Vegas
KItten plays with Vau de Vire Society, The Starlings and many SF Cabaret gods and goddesses!

Nov 9 Very exciting Burlesque and Pre Code Films!
Sin in Soft Focus
Sin PAn ALley Revue
Balboa Theater Pre Code Films w/ Naughty Betty Booop shorts and MORE
Mud Flappers, The Lollies, the Scenics

Nov 10 Rite Spot Cafe Flapper Fun FREE
2099 Folsom street at 17th

11/16 Traveling Jewish Theater Fools Fury Festival
Kitten performs excerpts from her one woman show "Kitty Glitter"

Nov 17 Cabaret Verdelet

nov 22nd Steve Murray's
ViVA Variety
Velocity Circus presents Classic Recording Artist Dr Elmo of
"Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer" fame
Suzanne sings and plays the Glockenspiel!

Hope to see you at a show!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hey I made this all by myself!

If you ever need to hire a Greek Goddess lemme know!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I wish these kitties would stay small and cuddley.
I am planning on moving from San Francisco and I will not have such exciting things happen to me anymore. I will miss the kooky experiences when I move. One needs to start a new life though!
Pink Section SF GATE did a great article about Teaseorama!

Hear the podcast and read the article!


Join me for the wild, wonderful world of Tease-O-Rama - America's onlyweekend-long convention dedicated to the foxy, fabulous and all-aroundover-the-top world of burlesque! SEE performances from over 200 contemporary pinup queens!+ TAKE classes in everything from tassel-twirling to burlesque history!+ SHOP for free at the Sunday afternoon Burlesque Shopping Bazaar!+ VIEW the West Coast Premiere of the Suicide Girls movie!+ MEET the legends of burlesque!WHEN?Thursday Sept 29thMeet and Greet the stars of Tease-O-Rama!Location: Cafe du Nord ( 2170 Market Street, SanFranciscoDoors: 9 pmPrice: $8Friday NIGHT Sept 30th and Saturday NIGHTOct 1stTease-O-Rama Showcase (over 200 + performers on stage!)Location: Bimbos' 365 Club ( 1025 ColumbusAvenue (at Chestnut Street), San FranciscoDoors: 7pmShow: 8pm SHARP!Price: $35 per nightDaytime, Saturday Oct 1st and Sunday Oct 2ndDAYTIME convention classes/activities (including FREE Burlesque Bazaar onSunday Oct 2nd)Location: Cafe du Nord AND Swedish American Hall ( Market Street, San FranciscoDoors: 10am - 5pm, 1 hour classes throughout the day, full details onwebsite: http://www.teaseorama.comWe are proud to announce a FINAL movie night GALA event at the historicVictoria Theater which was once a burlesque house called The Follies! Thisfinal night features a panel of LIVING BURLESQUE LEGENDS from the heyday ofburlesque, vintage burlesque reels, the new burlesque short CAMP BURLESQUE,and the WEST COAST premiere of SUICIDE GIRLS: THE FIRST TOUR.WHEN?Sunday Oct 2ndDoors: 6pmShow: 6:30pm - 8pm (Legend Panel Discussion AND autographs), 8pm-10:30 (CampBurlesque and Suicide Girls Movies)WHERE?The Victoria Theater ( 16th Street, San FranciscoTel: (415) 863-7576PRICE?$15 includes WHOLE evening event!!Living Legends of Burlesque Panel: Moderated by Jaye Furlonger of The Friends of Exotic World, the Legends ofBurlesque Panel is a rare opportunity to learn about "burlesque as it was" -from the delightfully articulate and exceptionally talented women whoactually lived it. Among our confirmed guests, we are pleased to announce thereturn of Exotic World's own Dixie Evans ("The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque"),as well as Satan's Angel ("The Devil's Own Mistress") and San Francisconative, Isis Starr. Please join us for an unforgettable evening with these remarkable women (andperhaps a surprise guest or two), as they reminisce about their colorfulpasts and share their thoughts and reflections on the state of the art, fromits early years through the present day.About Jaye Furlonger: A trained museum collections and archives worker, JayeFurlongerrecently completed her master's thesis on the lost history of San Diego'sHollywood Theatre, the West Coast's last original burlesque house. She isalso a founding member, along with Laura Herbert & Luke Littell, of TheFriends of Exotic World, a vital fundraising organization with a mission toexpand, preserve and protect the Exotic World collection in perpetuity.After the Legends step into an evening hosted by: Will "the Thrill" and Monica "The Tiki Goddess" Cortes-Viharo! They host"Thrillville," a cult movie cabaret, at The Parkway Speakeasy Theater inOakland, as well as "road shows" around the universe and beyond. Will wasborn in New York City and raised mostly in New Jersey, and in addition tobeing a beatnik lounge lizard he is also a freelance writer specializing inlounge music and vintage B movies, while Monica, a Bay Area native, is anaccomplished actress and model. They cite Elvis and Sinatra as their patronsaints. You can visit them in the small, swanky town of Thrillville via theirweb site, http://www.thrillville.netCamp Burlesque (SF PREMIERE!)It's titillating, it's shocking, it's CAMP! Los Angeles Director, AntonioMarsico brings you Camp Burlesque! Filmed in dazzling Swing-O-Vision color,Camp Burlesque is a wild romp of eroticism featuring today's most popularstars of burlesque: Erochica Bamboo, Kiten DeVille, Mimi LeMeaux, Eliza Bane,Jessika Von Fuhr, Blue Angel, Deadly Tiger Lily, Esperanza, Loud Louisa, MayaO'Migh, Lou Lou Roxy, Miss Cherry, Roobie Breastnut, Anna Bells, LuckyDiPalma, Victoria Lane.....and many, many more! More info at:http://www.campburlesque.comSuicide Girls: The First Tour (WEST COAST PREMIERE!)The Suicide Girls documents the sexy fun and absolute chaos that made the SGLive tour a showstopper and continues to attract throngs of fans. The110-minute film features the show performances stylistically edited andinter-cut with candid interviews from the girls, photo shoots, andbehind-the-scenes antics like trying to set up a topless photo shoot on thestreets of San Francisco at midnight.Review from Film Threat: " The Suicide girls are young, tattooed and piercedwomen who strike an erotic pose on the net in a tightly knit community ofsimilar individuals. It's grrrrl power (or savvy marketing depending on howcynical you are), and this (film) is a chronicle of some of those girls'first tour around the continent as they put on a burlesque show. You'll seeinterviews with the ladies, their acts and photo shoots. The less astuteviewer will think it's really just naked punk chicks dancing around, but asthe hilarious photo shoot in San Francisco proves, you can't easily classifyanything when it comes to the Suicide Girls.If you like hot, tattooed and pierced females (and the bad leather - Lordknows I do), you'll want to check this film out as soon as humanly possible.You'll come for the flesh, but you'll stay for the personalities. Rating:**** "The Victoria Theater:Located in the historic Mission District of San Francisco, the ornate andstately Victoria Theatre, seats 500. The theatre, built in 1908 as avaudeville house, is now a city landmark and the oldest operating theatre inSan Francisco.Originally called Brown's Opera House, it was operated as a vaudevilleshowcase by the ancestors of two California governors. The theatre drewcrowds who delighted in observing the grand performances of internationalstars who came to San Francisco. As cinema began to displace live on-stageentertainment, the character of the Victoria Theatre began to change. In the1930's, it became a motion picture house offering dishware door prizes toentice moviegoers. In the 1950's the Victoria Theatre was renamed El TeatroVictoria, showing Spanish-language films for the growing Latino community inthe area. In the 1960's, under the name New Follies, the theatre became aburlesque house and closed in 1976.Two years later, restored and refurbished, she was once again Victoria, andtoday she is the oldest operating theatre in San Francisco. In her longhistory she has presented Mae West, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Irwin, DonaldO'Conner, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Current Victoria presentations areeclectic, usually edgy, and include locally produced original plays,concerts, film festivals,musicals, and international performing companies.Contact Tease-O-Rama!For photos, interviews with performers or organizers, press credentials andanswers to all and sundry inquiries, contact: Alan Parowski

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kitten On The Keys sings new song by Frank Novicki at the Make Out Room!
The Lollies will be doing a slinky savage dance #!

APE AT MAKEOUT ROOM - THIS THURSDAY 9/15 - 7:30pmSan Francisco’s own APE headlines the kick-off celebration for the opening of the “TIKI ART TWO” Exotica Extravaganza, next Thursday 9/15 at the Makeout Room in San Francisco. CRAZY AL will be carving a giant tiki live on-stage, authentic hula dancing by the lovely and talented WIGGLIN WAHINES, tropical drink specials, limited edition APE mugs and shirts for sale, and a live auction of Crazy Al’s hand-carved Tiki at the end of the gig! Come early, stay late - APE is playing two sets, first set starts at 9PM.But wait! There's more:Author DOMENIC PRIORE will be signing copies of his scholarly new book “SMILE: THE STORY OF BRIAN WILSON'S LOST MASTERPIECE”, and showing a rare 1962 short tiki film "One Mans Challenge," and along with Brian Chidester, debuting the latest issue of their music mag: “DUMB ANGEL #4: ALL SUMMER LONG”www.dumbangelmagazine.comCabaret Queen KITTEN ON THE KEYS and burlesque lovelies THE LOLLIES go primitive with a performance of the new song “You Bring Out The Savage In Me,” written by APE’s own Frank Novicki.! Make friends with a tiki artist!From 7:30-9, there’ll be a meet & greet with artists featured at the TIKI ART TWO show. They will have limited edition Tiki art for sale.WHERE: Make Out Room, 3225 22nd St near Mission, SF415-647-2888WHEN: Thursday, Sept 15, 2005, 7:30pmWHO: 21+COST: $10MORE INFO:

Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11 Katrina Disaster Relief at 12 Galaxies
Polkacide TONIGHT!
Kitten on the Keys does little guest spot with new SAVAGE song by Frank Novicki.

- The Roshomon Effect - The Plus Ones - The Grannies - Luxxury - Polkacide
New Orleans Disaster Relief Benefit
Presented by 12 Galaxies and Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm
Sunday, September 11th 2005 6:30pm
12 Galaxies 2565 Mission Street @ 22nd San Francisco, CA . 94110

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Miss Kitten on the Keys will be tickling the ivories at the Rite Spot Cafe 9/22/05. Enjoy flapper faves at 2099 Folsom at 17th, 9PM , FREE , in San Francisco. Libations and Nibblies! She has just returned from a successful run in Paris FRANCE with Cabaret New Burlesque. New songs! FUN! Come on down!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Alison Fensterstock, Baby Doe Productions and Liftoff! are proud topresent... Tease-O-Rama (TM) 2005! Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of Tease-O-Rama - America's onlyweekend-long convention dedicated to the foxy, fabulous and all-aroundover-the-top world of burlesque! We are proud to announce Tease-O-Rama 2005in San Francisco, USA! Ticket NOW on sale! Tease-O-Rama is the premiere destination for fans and practitioners of thesexy, scintillating art of striptease as it has evolved for the twenty-firstcentury. SEE performances from over 200+ contemporary pinup queens, TAKEclasses in everything from tassel-twirling to burlesque history, VIEWoriginal nudie-cutie B-movies and MEET the legends of days gone by. Our goalis to not only exhibit the biggest spectacle since Cecil B.DeMille, but toprovide a forum for performers and fans to meet, share skills and keep thetorch burning for one of America's most exciting original art forms.Tease-O-Rama features dancers from around the globe featuring live actsrepresenting Japan, Australia, UK, France and the US cities: New York City,Los Angeles, Denver, New Orleans, Nashville, Seattle and many othersincluding the City by the Bay, San Francisco! Tickets NOW on sale for the Tease-O-Rama MAIN Showcase! Friday NIGHT Sept 30th and Saturday NIGHT Oct 1st Location: Bimbos' 365 Club ( 1025 Columbus Avenue (at Chestnut Street), San Francisco Tel: 415.474.0365 Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm SHARP! Price: $35 per night, $100 full weekend pass INCLUDES all daytime conventionactivities and a discount to the Sunday gala movie! HOT HEADLINERS! The Indomitable Dixie Evans, former "Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque" andproprietor of the Exotic World Burlesque Museum! The Incredible Catherine D'Lish FEATURING Tease-O-Rama is proud to announce our MC for 2005, Miss Kitten on the Keys! LIVING LEGENDS! Satan's Angel Bambi Senior Isis Starr TANTALIZING TROUPES AND DAZZLING DUOS! The Devil-Ettes (SF) The Wau Wau Sisters (NYC) Hot Pink Feathers (SF) The Lollies (SF) Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (SF) The Lavendar Cabaret (Chicago) Burlesque as it Was (Denver) Harlem Shake Burlesque (Oakland) Oh La La Presents (Denver) Murasaki Baby Doll (Japan) Oracle Dance (Denver) MiMi LeMeaux & Sabina Kelley (San Diego/Las Vegas) Fat Bottom Revue (SF) Panty Raid! (Nashville) BurlyQ London (UK) Cherry Pop Burlesque (Madison) Diamond Daggers (SF) Von Foxies (Seattle) Cock-T's (SF) The Atomic Bombshells (Seattle) The Chainsaw Chubbettes (SF) SEDUCTIVE SOLO SIRENS! Kitten de Ville (LA) Erochica Bamboo (Japan) Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle) Lola The Vamp (Australia) Michelle L'amour (Chicago) Ginger Goldmine (LA) Kellita (SF) Mari Kari (LA) Harvest Moon (NYC) Kitty Diggins (LA) Jo Boobs (NYC) Princess Farhana (LA) Eva von Slut (SF) Torchy Taboo (Atlanta) Candy Whiplash (Seattle) Satanica Szandor (LA) Gorilla X (SF) Sparkly Devil (Detroit) Desire d'Amour (AZ) Roky Roulette (SF) Adonna Vichet (LA) Chica Boom (Seattle) Darlinda Just Darlinda (NYC) Eliza Bane (LA) Kalani Kokonuts (LV) Delilah (UK) Penny Starr Jr (LA) Summer Peaches (LA) Little Brooklyn (NYC) Venus DeMille (LA) The Flying Fox (SF) Vienna Le Rouge (Seattle) Fancy Chance (UK) Reverend Spooky Le Strange (New Orleans) Lolita Haze (AZ) Charlotte La Belle Araigne'e (LA) WILD AND WOOLY DJ's, COMEDY ACTS AND MORE! Miss Bella Beretta (LA) DJ Hitman Hearn (UK) DJ Delachaux (SF) Baggy Pants Burlesque (LA) Mad V Dog (SF) Tease-O-Rama 2005 Guest Cardgirls include C*cilia (Paris, France), OliveTalique (Madison), Monica the Tiki Goddess (Oakland), Didi von Horne(Belgium) BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!! Daytime, Saturday Oct 1st and Sunday Oct 2nd DAYTIME convention classes/activities (including FREE Burlesque Bazaar onSunday Oct 2nd) Location: Cafe du Nord AND Swedish American Hall( ** Daytime tickets sold AT the door, first come first serve 2170 Market Street, San Francisco Doors: 10am - 5pm (1 hour classes throughout the day, full details soon onwebsite: Price: Burlesque Bazaar FREE - $5 depending on class A few of the daytime classes we are offering this year: (descriptions/times to come shortly or check out: Have Tassels Will Travel PLAY BY LEGEND SATAN'S ANGEL Feminism and Burlesque Old School Dance Moves with Satan's Angel Beginning and Advanced Costumes Stage Makeup Tassel-Twirling Beginning Dance Moves and Theory Advanced Dance and Character Development Early Burlesque History Comedy History and Workshop History of Australian Showgirls Belly Dance for Burlesque Advanced Dance Workshop Troupe Leader Panel Posing For Cheesecake Pix AND MORE!!! Evening, Sunday Oct 2nd Meet the Burlesque LEGENDS of the past (panel discussion) AND Burlesque MovieFinale GALA event featuring CAMP BURLESQUE, Will the Thrill and Monica theTiki Goddess, vintage burlesque movies and oh so much more TBA! Location: The Victoria Theater ( ** Tickets on sale: August 29th 2961 16th Street, San Francisco Doors: 6pm Show: 6:30pm - 8pm (Legend Discussion), 8pm-10:30 (Burlesque Movies) Price: $15 includes WHOLE event!! Thursday Sept 29th Kingfish and Eddie's Hubba Hubba Revue present.....Meet and Greet the starsof Tease-O-Rama! Have a comfortable dinner while you rub elbows with thehottest burlesque talent in the world! A caberet style evening of burlesqueentertainment followed by a DJ dance party featuring Bardot Au Go Go DJ CaliKid! Location: Cafe du Nord ( ** Tickets on sale: August 29th 2170 Market Street, San Francisco Tel: 415.861.5016 Doors: 9 pm Price: $8 There is sooo much more to announce for the weekend but we can only tell youso much at once... mark your calendars and buy your tickets so you don't missall the eye-popping fun! XOXO Tease-O-Rama 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005

Howdy there!This lil kitty is JETLAGGED!Articles from our wonderful Cabaret New Burlesque Shows in Paris!( I think we ended up doing 7 SOLD OUT shows and Dirty Martini and Idid 3 workshops-one for Canal TV to be aired in September in Paris)It was lovely working with Dirty Martini, Jasmine Vegas, Kitten deVille, Mi Mi Le Meaux and Kitty Diggins! sure to catch the one page article on Kitten On the Keys inthe German Fetish Magazine- Marquis # 34 ! They gave me a one pagearticle and called me "delightful, talented, volputuous, and a ray ofsunshine on a cloudy day!Thanks Marquis!http://www.marquis.deJust wanted to say hello from my amazing journeys in Paris and MonteCarlo! I want to thank everyone that came out to Cabaret NewBurlesque in Bellville at Le Zebre! The French fans were fantastique!All of our shows were sell outs -even the added shows! Dirty Martiniand I taught some workshops-she did dance of course and I did glamouron a budget -pasty making and bra decoration. So much fun! So muchglitter!Dirty Martini and I were delighted to be flown to Monte Carlo by ourwonderful host Amedeo M Turello of Style Monte Carlo Magazine! What afantastic photographer and excellent host!It was such a delight to be there and be photographed in CANNES bysuch an amazing artist! We werehosted in the Balmoral Hotel overlooking the port, castle and allthose YACHTS. WOW! Johanna and Amedeo's gorgeous girlfiend Christinawere so much fun to hang out with! Merci!More on Style Monte Carlo:http://www.stylemontecarlo.comNext public performance by Kitten On the Keys will bewww.teaseorama.comSept 30-October 2nd 2005.Kitten is tickled pink to be hosting this years burlesque festival atBimbos in San Francisco!Be sure to catch a randy performace or two on the streets of SanFrancisco with my new band, the Mud Flappers with Rodney Austin!Take care,

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well howdy there moonpies and cupcakes!Your San Francisco Musical Snack Cake thanks all of those brave folks who came out to see the many shows I tinkled the ivories at thispast weekend! WHEW! What a whirlwind of FUN!
At the Hi Fructose Magazine Release, I was beyond overjoyed to have super star musical genius Nik Phelps of the Sprocket Ensemble blow into his trusty clarinet to 1920's and 1930's Sin Pan Alley Classics like"Hot Nut Swing". Nik is a great composer but he also has played on many a Tom Waits album so you know I was giddy with glee!
I have one more show this week at the Rite Spot Cafe!Thursday, July 28th.2099 Folsom at 17th Street in San Francisco.9PM Free Nibblies and Libations are
I leave Saturday for a trip of a lifetime!Kitten on the Keys heads for gay Paree for the third installmentof Cabaret New Burlesque featuring the best in Cabaret and Burlesque Entertainment August 1-6.Kitty Diggins, Kitten De Ville, MiMi Le Meaux, Dirty Martini, Kitten On the Keys and chantuese Jasmine Vegas make up the bill at www.lezebre.com have new songs thanks to a collaboration with APE's Frank Noviki!
While in Paris I am taking a wee sojourn to Monte Carlo! Tinkle Tinklecourtesy of Style Monte Carlo! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged myperforming even though I am constant depressed pain in the ass!
Tooodles!Kitten On the

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Howdy Moonpies and Cupcakes!Your Musical Snack Cake with the Moist Creamy Center,Miss Kitten On the Keys, has a variety of giggles and guffaws to sharewith you for the end of July! Come hear saucy songs and delight in the manyspunky shenanigans that this titillating temptress serves up!
7/21 Kitten on the Keys at the Hush Hush Lounge This delightful den is CLOSING! Come hear kitten put sin in her Syncopation with her Flapperette Faves on piano and Ukulele. HUSH HUSH496 14thStreet, San Francisco, CA 94107,US - $4.00 (415) 241-9944 10PM until Midnight
7/22 Lounge Piano at The Marriott Hotel 4th and MarketAtrium Lounge 5-8 PM Free w/ drink purchaseCome drink overpriced cocktails with stale pretzels and laugh at Suzanne's Horrific Lounge Repitoire! Feelings.... whoa whoa whoa feelings.....STYX is my new fave to butcher.... ouch!
Then at 10PM scamper on over to the Varnish Gallery 77 Natoma Streetfor local celeb artist Atta Boys Magazine Launch PartyHi Fructose www.hifructose.comThis is gonna be fun! What merkin should I wear? hmmmmmm
07/28/2005 09:00 PM - Rite Spot Cafe 2099 Folsom at 17th, San Francisco, CA 94107,US - FREEMeow! Miss Kitten On the Keys plays piano bar style in this homey Bar And Restuarant! Hear her tickle the ivories-cabaret gems and naughty Sin Pan Alley treaures! 9PM Free Suzanne will be concentrating on French music as she returns to Paris to perform in Cabaret New Burlesque August 1-6!
Oh and be sure to see a snappy of Kitten in the latest issue of Venus Magazinereading on her "litterbox" with rufflebutt scanties dangling around her ankles.......(photo by my Mud Flapper bandmate, Rodney Austin)Read a review of her in Parisian Rock Magazine "Paris Crossroads" , and local rag Performer Mag ,Spectator, and the Bay Times!WHEW!Have a great month!Kitten
Kitten On The Keys >^..^<www.kittymusic.comVariety Artist, Vaudeville, CabaretPiano, Ukulele, Vocals, Accordion

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Show this Friday Night!
07/08/2005 09:00 PM - Hotel Utah 500 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94101,US - $7.00 members of Polkacide and Kitten On the Keys play 20's -40's Sin Pan Alley ditties and Hapa Haole ..'s in this Ukuelele centric band- Uke-Thanasia! A treat for your toes and ears! Ward Abronski ,Neil Bossa, Lawrence on Bone, Kitten on Piano . Other Bands- jazz

Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh dear,
How could I forget that I met Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols Wed night?
He was very kind! Look for the star fucker evidence on my website!
Thanks to the photographer who snapped the photo!
Speaking of which, the piano duo I am involved with was shot by famous
rock photographer Pat Johnson yesterday. Wow, so cool to work with such a professional
person! The first photo looked amazing... no complaints from my own insecure peanut gallery that lives inside my head.
I actually got to attend an event last night as a non performer.
It was super!
Got to see APE, thanks for getting me in Frank Novivki!
Saw the sassyDevilettes do their grrove thang! So much fun and high energy.
Missed the belly dancers unfortunately.
They looked really great!
The Rickshaw Stop is where it all happend and it was nice!
My fellow feline Miss MiMi Le Meaux was there from San Diego!
Can't wait to be in Paris with her in 4 weeks!
Monique, I miss her so much, is having a great show tonight of the creatures she makes from
bones and vintage clothing scraps.... BEAUTIFUL....I am gonna go!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wow, thanks to Will the Thrill and Monica for showing me around Palm Springs!
And that nice man included me in his article about Baby Doe and Otto's cool event,
Tiki Oasis! I was so delighted to be there! My voice gave out in the dry desert air but, I just kept on going! I got to perform with ukulele master, Frank Novicki from APE! Thanks for everything Frank! He even wrote me a song...."You Bring Out The Savage In Me"! It's awesome and I intend to ad it to my kitty repitoire on uke and vocals..... suiper snappy and catchy! Look for more Daddy Frank and Kitten collaborations in the future!

Also, my new duo with Rodney Austin made its debut this weekend for PRIDE. We even got press at for visual Aids Sweet 16 Party. Wow, that was neat to debut at Yerba Beuna Center for the Arts. David as Lucien Stern was a dreamboat as the MC with MRS VEra. I fell in love with drag super star Gina La Davina and her pal Muffy Sincere! Go MUFFY!
She won!

Last night at danced at Club NV. I was so out of it in the 80's I couldn;t keep up with the band.
Thank goodness they added a lil Southern Rock and AC/DC... whew......
Tonight I am a roller skating cupcake girl named Cutie for my pal Gregangelo. I am excited I get to see many of my performer pals tonight! Hope I don;t break my arm on those skates!
I need my paws!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

An actual post!
I am trying not to just use blogspot to promote shows I am in.
I have had a pretty nice weekend.
Did a bunch of shows ansd met some friendly Frank Sinatra loving people at
my substitute job last night.
They got me primed to watch "Pal Joey" today!
ZIP.... is a great song!

Had bad nightmares though.
I am getting really sick of the bad thoughts.
Really scary, mean husband killing me and attacking me.
When will all of this badness go away?
I am actually really scared for my well being.
Can't seem to shake the sadness and anger of the horrible betryal of it all.
All right in my FACE.
Not so nice.
I know I am being vague. Why be polite when the other party was NOT polite at all?
Ever wish you could turn back time and not have to think of all the sadness?
Then my Mom would still be alive and I would have ever married.
It was so greatI was ALLOWED to have a career.
I really appreciated that. That was the one great thing I came out of this whole thing.
Someone ALLOWED me to work my ass off. AWESOME!
Wish I could meet someone who would be nice to me and treat me well.
I think after awhile I deserve it!

Tonight should be a fun show with Rodney!
We have a new dup called the MUD FLAPPERS...... bad flapper girls soked in gin and more!

I am going to do a new version of Hot Nut Swing!
I do that song at the Rite Spot but not at Burlesque Shows.
Should be fun and sassy.
There are many different versions of the song from the 1930's.
Georgia White and Lil Harding Armstrong are my influences.

Only one month until PARIS! Can't wait to go.
If anyone knows of any great places I should visit, let me know!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Kitten brings her Keys to the Hush Hush Lounge 7/21 Message: Meow! Kitten brings her uke, accordion and her pianah to The Hush Hush Lounge 496 14th Street at Guerrero (415) 241-9944 Thursday, July 21st 10-Midnight $4.00 cover FUN Flapperosity and Cabaret Kookiness Catch Kitten before she runs off to Paris!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Miss Cherry Jubilie’s Burlesque CabaretSunday, June 26thRickshaw Stop155 Fell Street, SF415-861-2011Doors 7:00pm, Show 8:00pmCover: $10 w/flyer $12 w/outKitten on the KeysKellita of the Hot Pink FeathersSimone De La GettoNavel WarfareEsperanzaMiss RodneySara Klotz de AguilarBanana PeelEyeball & The Wooper (from the Crosstops)Ariyana LeFayRiff DittiesHearta GoldMC Mr. SinDJ Otter & DJ ScottyTantalizing Teases by High-heeled Vixens, Perplexing Beauties, Bewitching Belly Dancers, Handsome Kings & Captivating Queens, Seductive Melodists, Gags, Giggles & Rock n’Roll. The production of Miss Cherry Jubilie's Burlesque Cabaret happens once every three months in different venues around San Francisco. For more information, please email Madame Maraschino at Maraschino & Miss Cherry JubiliePoison Cherry Productions415-425-0845

Sunday, May 29, 2005

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:THE WORLD'S "TOP TEASERS" TO TAKE THE STAGE,IN CELEBRATION OF THE NATION'S LONGEST-RUNNINGBURLESQUE PAGEANT: MISS EXOTIC WORLD 2005"Burlesque is experiencing a revival, flowing from America's cultural centers, across the heartland, and slowly, around the world."-- ABC NewsHelendale, CA (May 16, 2005) -- Exotic World USA, home of the world's ONLY Burlesque Museum and Striptease Hall of Fame, is pleased to announce that on June 4, 2005, over 100 of the world's most talented, tantalizing teasers will join Exotic World proprietress Dixie Evans ("The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque") and fellow legends of the burlesque stage Tempest Storm, Tura Satana, Kitten Natividad, Satan's Angel, Yvette Paris, Liz Renay and reigning Miss Exotic World, Dirty Martini, for the museum's 15th Annual Miss Exotic World Pageant & Striptease Reunion.Hosted by the one & only El Vez, along with San Francisco's friskiest feline, Kitten on the Keys, Sideshow Superstar "The Amazing Blazing Tyler Fyre" (NYC) and comedian Blaine Capatch (LA), this year's show is a joint venture of Exotic World USA and Lucha VaVoom Productions, and will take place on the grounds of the Exotic World Burlesque Museum -- located just off historic Route 66 in Helendale, California.A risque American folk art that all but disappeared with the advent of television, burlesque has recently re-emerged as a major cultural phenomenon. Its boa-clad, rhinestone-studded revival is as evident in the explosion of burlesque-inspired nightclubs (40 Deuce, Tangerine, etc.), as it is in the "retro-glam" fashions of such mall-friendly retail giants as Victoria's Secret & Frederick's of Hollywood.Widely regarded as the "Miss America of Burlesque," Miss Exotic World is the most coveted title in the increasingly competitive, high- profile world of retro-flavored bump & grind. With acts that range from the elegant, ballet-inspired striptease made famous by superstars such as Sally Rand and Lili St. Cyr, to fire-eating, hula- hooping and even gravity-defying aerial stunts, the Miss Exotic World Pageant consistently draws the biggest names in burlesque past, present & future -- including diverse, top-flight performers representing all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds, from exhibitionist grandmothers to thirty-something PhDs and classically- trained modern dancers.In honor of the show's landmark anniversary (Note: In addition to celebrating the Pageant's 15th year, 2005 also marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Exotic Dancer's League, by Exotic World's founder, the late Jennie Lee), this year's show will include several new features, including a nighttime "title bout" (with top performers competing for the Miss Exotic World title & crown, beginning at dusk), and the debut of two new competitive categories ("Best Newcomer" and "Legend in the Making"); as well as a "Best Costume" contest; special tributes to recently deceased stars of the Burlesque stage, including Evelyn "The $50,000 Treasure Chest" West; a classic car, chopper & hot rod exhibition; and an all-day bazaar featuring vintage & pin-up vendors and between-set tunes, courtesy of celebrity DJs Senor Amor (LA) & Scott Ewalt (NYC).The 2005 Miss Exotic World Pageant will take place on Saturday, June 4 at 1PM (gates open at 12 noon) at 29053 Wild Road in Helendale, CA. Admission is $25/person (advance purchase through ONLY) and $30/day of show (venue only).Editors Note:Interviews, images and a full list of Miss Exotic World 2005 competitors and performers is available by request. Commercial photographers, television professionals, documentary filmmakers and print journalists must call in advance for reservations. For more information or to schedule interviews with Dixie Evans, exhibition participants, or to arrange tours of the museum, please email or call (917) 599-8178."...As 'burlesque mania' edges ever closer to a fever pitch, a trip to the Pageant is a true must in the dust." -- Style Monte Carlo, Winter '05###-------------------------ABRIDGED RELEASE & LIST OF SATURDAY'S PARTICIPANTS:As you may know, the one & only Miss Exotic World Pageant & Striptease Reunion is finallyupon us… in fact, it's this coming weekend, June 3-5!That's right, Exotic World USA, home of the ORIGINAL Burlesque Festival & Striptease Reunion, proudly presents the 15th Annual Miss Exotic World Pageant -- hosted by El Vez, with Kitten on the Keys (SF), Blaine Capatch (LA) & the Amazin' Blazin' Tyler Fyre (NYC)... and featuring an ALL-STAR CAST of the world's top teasers, taking it all off in the ultimate battle for STRIPTEASE SUPREMACY!But wait… there's more!Saturday's main event will also include a classic car, hotrod & chopper exhibition; vintage & pin-up vendors; raffles & giveaways, food & drink *and* Celebrity DJs Senor Amor & Scott Ewalt, spinningthe very finest "take-it-off" tunes all day long!So: what the hell are you waiting for?Get your tickets here: region=socal&query=schedule&venue=exoticworldorvisit for more details… and don't forget to SPREAD THE WORD!Team EWPS: Here's a peek at the earth-shattering ecdysiasts currently confirmed for Saturday's show:Adonna VichetAlotta BoutteAmber RayBambi the MermaidBella BerettaThe World Famous *BOB*Bunny LoveCharlotte La Belle AraigneeDelirium TremensDesire D'AmourDiamondback AnnieDolores De MuelaEsperanzaEva Von SlutEzili Belladonna StarThe Flying FoxHarvest MoonHot Pink FeathersIndigo BlueIsis StarrJami DeadlyJulie Atlas MuzKalani KoKonutsLady AceLili's Burlesque RevueLittle BrooklynLucy FurMimi LeMeauxPanty RaidPa-Ooh-LaPeekaboo PointePeek A Boo RevuePenny Starr, Jr.Scarlet SinclairSkin Tight Outta SightSparkly DevilSummer PeachesToots L'AmourTorchy TabooTrixie Little & The Evil, Tap-Dancing Hate MonkeyVenus DeMilleVienna LeRougeVivienne VaVoomMiss Von LividThe Wau Wau SistersZaraa Ra'naaWith special appearances by:Bambi Sr.Camille 2000CynthianaDaiquiri St JohnDixie EvansKitten NatividadKiva, "Queen of Fans"Liz RenayMarinkaRicci CortezSatan's AngelTempest StormTura SatanaYvette Paris... & other Vintage Stars of the Burlesque Stage!For more info, please visit

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oh My! It is the end of an era!The Odeon Bar is closing folks! sniff sniffI have had some of my bestest burlesque moments at this humble dive in the outer Mission. Kitten on the Keys pulls out all of the stops for this evening.Joining her is Mr Tinkler.......Together they are THE FirkeytoodlersUke and pianoHello Music Lovers! The Odeon is closing and this is the last weekend!Come Join Kitten On the Keys, Cotton Candy Cabaret, and Project Pimento Friday 5/20.Odeon Bar 3223 Mission at Valencia10PMwww.odeonbar.comJoining Kitten On The Keys is the very frightening Mr Tinkler of Polkacide, Flipper and SF Burlesque Orchestra Fame.Hear showtunes from a different point of view!Special Kitten musical surprizes!Hope to see you there!Kitten On The Keys >^..^<

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Come to Exotic World this year!
Exotic World USA When: Friday Jun 03, 2005 at 7:00 PM Where: Exotic World Ranch29053 Wild RoadHelendale, CA 92342 US The 15th Annual Miss Exotic World Pageant & 48th Annual Striptease Reunion, June 3-5 2005 at Exotic World Ranch in Helendale, California. NEWSFLASH! Special advance purchase tickets are on sale now, exclusively through -- so log on and get yours before they're all gone! Exotic World USA is pleased to announce that the 15th Annual Miss Exotic World Pageant & 48th Annual Striptease Reunion will take place the weekend of June 3-5, 2005 (that's right, the WHOLE weekend) at national BQ HQ: Exotic World Ranch in lovely Helendale, California. Following the smash success of last year's Friday night festivities, we've decided to make this year's production even bigger -- with twice as much show and new, improved events all weekend long -- so pack your pasties and portable fans, 'cause it's gonna be a scorcher! I know what you're thinking: "No way! How could they possibly make my annual trek to Exotic World, Striptease Mecca of the Mojave, any better?" Well, we've got a few answers: 1) AIR CONDITIONINGAnd lots of it -- the built-in kind, even (all the better to keep your tassels twirling!) 2) IMPRESSIVE NEW ADDITIONS TO THE PRODUCTION TEAMWe're ecstatic to announce that Liz Fairbairn of Rita D'Albert (of Lucha VaVoom fame), have agreed to join the team as Executive Producers of this year's extravaganza. Welcome, ladies of Lucha! 3) MORE SHOW, MORE LEGENDARY LADIES AND EVEN MORE ROOM AT THE INN!******The Lenwood Holiday Inn, that is... so be sure to book your rooms early, 'cause we're getting the run of the place this year, and it WILL sell out! Call 1-760-253-9200 to reserve today -- and remember: to get the super special Miss Exotic World discount, be sure to tell 'em Dixie sent you! More details to follow in the next week or so (including entry information, deadlines, etc.), so mark your calendars and STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Howdy there folks!Miss Kitten On the Keys has two exciting solo shows this weekand lotsa other stuff in May!Saturday Night 4/23at the Odeon Bar3223 Mission Street at Valencia in SFKitten hits the stage at 10PM-ish opening for the MONSTERS of YOYO!Included in this fab yoyo line up is Doc Popkins and my personal fave Dave Capurroof the Jim Rose Sideshow!www.odeonbar.comMonday Night 4/25FreeRite Spot Cafe 2099 Folsom at 17th8:30-ish-11PMFlapper Faves and Rock Anthems!Food and Libations!Super fun and it is FREE(this is not so much of a show show as my back is unfortunately turnedto the audience-more of a music appreciation night than a booby oggle)www.ritespotcafe.net4/29Great Show not to be MISSED I am a mere teensy accordion playing cog in this AMAZING show wheel.(Kitten On the Squeeze!)This is truly one of those MUST see shows.Zen Hospice Benefit 4/29 at Broadway Studios in SF435 Broadway SF( 415) 291-0133PolkacideTrapeze Duo the Starlings w/ as is brass band (w/ members of xtra Action Marching Band and MORE!)ToychestraLeslie Tipton ContortionPlus Special guestsThe Starlings are super fantastic-the best trapeze act I have seen ! Love Them!>^..^<$12.00 May 1st Sex Workers Art Show Opening Night!Racy ragtime shenanigans!Comedy cabaret with a delirously decadent feel!Kitten pulls out all of the cockamamie stunts for this one!Center for Sex and Culture398 11th street guest star Annie Sprinklewww.bayswan.orgMay 6th-May 8th! Tiki Oasis Palm SpringsI am so delighted to be a part of this fantastic event put on byBaby Doe and Otto von Stroheim of Tiki news!Kitten strums her uke and squeezes her accordion in Palm Springs!Pirate lassie and wicked wahine! Special duo with Ape's Frank NovickiGreat artists from all over the country!www.tikinews.comMay 12thKitten will tinkle the ivories and warm the cock-les of your heart Delightful Ditties! Flaming Flapperosity! Mischievous Melodies! CD available for purchase! Rock out or Flap out! 2099 Folsom Street at 17th FREE 8:30-ish until 11PM-ish And later in MAY! The New York Burlesque Festival!CD's available at most shows!Look for mention of Kitten's performance at Teatro Zinzanni in this weeks Bay Times!'She and Anita Cocktail got a rave review by Sister Dana Von Iquity.Photos of supervisor Bevan Duffy'smakeover by Gal Pals from Queer Eye for the Straight Gal are a must see!Those are Kitten's clothes! (Yikes!)The show was for a benefit for New Leaf Services.Suzanne Ramsey >^..^

Monday, April 11, 2005

Show listing!The Empire Plush Room Presents:Dirty Little Secret Campy Vaudeville Variety Burlesque ShowThe York Hotel940 Sutter StreetSF, CA 94109415-885-280021 and upFriday and Saturday Late Nights ongoing11PM$25.00 was a time when those in “the know” snuck out of the house and into the night to find themselves some excitement. This usually meant one of two things; a night in jail or a night in one of the City’s numerous Speakeasy’s. Now-a-days, people in “the know” are sneaking into the Empire Plush Rooms Dirty Little Secret – A Roaring 20’s Revue. Part Camp, part Burlesque and all Vaudeville, this Dirty Little Secret has brought together acts that are sure to amaze and titillate. Your Emcee for the night, the ebullient magician RJ Owens, guides you through this fast-paced hour and a half show much like Willy Wonka guides one through the chocolate factory…you never know what will happen next. Where else can you see vintage Vaudeville sketches interwoven seamlessly with a guy who makes and juggles pancakes, the finest and sassiest chanteuses belting to the back row, and the most scintillating of burlesque performers all on one stage? Dirty Little Secret, that’s where! A place your Grandmother might have warned you about! TicketsThere are three ways to obtain tickets:1) Through our box office, by calling:
415.885.2800Box Office hours are Monday thru Saturday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm.Groups 12 or larger receive a discounted ticket price and can make their arrangements by calling:
415.885.6800 x 1002) Online, by visiting:®ion=xxx&category=misc&search=Empire+Plush+Room%27s+Dirty+Little+Secret&submit.x=12&submit.y=16 3) At the door:
A small number of tickets are set aside for purchase at Will Call beginning at 10:00 pm the night of the performance. These can go quickly, so we recommend arriving just before 10:00, or better yet, making your arrangements in advance. We hate turning folks away at the door because seats are all taken – only those who have purchased tickets in advance are guaranteed admittance. Parking:
There are two lots that offer parking within two blocks of the Empire Plush Room. The Butterick Garage is located two blocks south of the Plush Room on Sutter. It closes, Friday and Saturday at 1:00 am. North of the theater, two blocks up on Sutter, is a self-park and pay lot. Street parking is also an option but is limited and often quite competitive.Only Individuals 21 and over will be allowed admittance, please be prepared to show picture ID upon request RJ OwensRJ the Big Magic Fungi415 341 5737

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