Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Come see Kitten on the Keys in this GREAT show coming to Seattle and Portland!

Tongues of the Odeon"We're Bringing the Whole Damn Bar!"A Traveling Variety Show Comprised of Circus Acts and MoreF R O MSan Francisco's most Outré DemimondeCOMING SWIFTLY AND INEXORABLY TO SELECTED VENUES IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWESTIncludingFriday, November 5th in Portland, Oregonat Dante's, 1 SW 3rd AvenueandSaturday, November 6th in Seattle, Washingtonat The Catwalk, 172 S. WashingtonA Mesmerizing Display of Impossibility-- More Show than can Possibly Fit on One Single Stage!From the (in)famous Odeon Bar & Night ClubS.F.'s DARKEST DIVEwhere Chaos gives birth to New Worlds of Entertainment!Once again, Grand Ringmonster CHICKEN JOHN, Showman Extraordinaire, will bring his carefully cultivated anthology of pulse-quickening, brain-badgering attractions to our Great Sister Cities to the North. Each single engagement is a not-to-be-missed mélange of Impossible Musical Feats, Countless Acts of Transcendental Stupidity and Terrifying Aesthetic Outrage. If you can bear to smell the smoke and flames and hear the cannon's roar, this show is for YOU, but NOT FOR CHILDREN or those (too) easily shocked. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! and on... and on... FIVE SOLID HOURS of unforgettable attractions (bring a lunch) commencing (no kidding) at preciselyNINE P.M.as it is necessary to allow enough time to present the ENTIRE VERTIGINOUS VORTEX in a single evening, includingThe musical and video effects of the uncanny K-ROB!The Dinosauriad,a lecture, with slides and Very Special Effects, on the Tribulations & Travails of the vanished Mesozoic Age,concluding with an exclusive video presentation entitled, When Chasmosaurs Attack! by none other than the Church of the SubGenius's own Dr. HOWLAND OWLL!DANIEL BROWNING SMITH,the amazingly disturbing, anatomy-defiling RUBBERBOY!TOSHIRO HIRANO,the Yodeling Old-time Country & Western Singer from Way Out East (Japan)!LOOP!STATION, a Sultry Siren & Multiplied (but not mellow) Cello!WILL FRANKEN,beyond all stand-up standards of uncanny Comedy!KRISTA BRAY,our rambunctious Raving Beauty of a RING GIRL!THE FAMOUS,soi dissant Tongue-in-cheek ROCK & ROLL!THE LONESOME DOORMEN,Gallant Gatekeepers of the Odeon!ROCKY ROULETTE,the World's Only Pogo-Stick riding Male Ecdysiast!KITTEN ON THE KEYS,bodacious & bawdy Barrelhouse Babe!SPARKLE MOTION,voluptuous beauties performing, er, synchronized movements (the Kind Men Like), Dance Troupe caught in a Spandex Time Warp!JASHA,a self-described New Wave Leotard Disaster!All Hosted and Roasted by Monster of Ceremonies, Your Cordial Confusionist CHRIS KARNEY!Concluding with the dynamic musical sensationSING ALONG WITH CHICKEN & HAL!The One-Night Stand of a Two-Man One-Man Band!With gags, novelties, Cosmic Revelations, Scrapingly Low-Brow Comedy, High-Flown Rhetoric, Hi-jinx, Boffo Buffoonery, Gorgeous Chorines & Goofball Gallants, musically supported by the Amazing K-ROB, andwithDAMMIT THE AMAZING WONDER-DOG!IN WHAT WELL MAY BE HER FINAL THEATRICAL APPEARANCE BEFORE RETIREMENTAll for the Preposterously Reasonable Admission Price of$7.00!AMERICANDO NOT NEGLECT TO ATTEND THIS SUI GENERIS SHOW, FOR IF YOU DO MISS IT YOU MAY END UP KICKING YOURSELF IN THE HEAD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN FRUSTRATION ALL THE WAY TO YOUR GRAVE, AND PERHAPS EVEN AFTERWARD IN YOUR TOMB. COME ONE, COME ALL. FOR ON-LINE INFORMATION CONSULTodeonbar.com/chaos&2gyrlz.org/festival

Friday, October 08, 2004

2 Great Shows The Odeon Bar Goes NORTH 10/5, 10/6
Dante's1 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR(503) 226-6630www.danteslive.comShow begins at 9:00 with Krob and videos.9:30 Dr. Hal dinosaur slide show10:00 Will Franken10:15 sparkle motion10:25 famous10:40 Roky Roulette10:45 don paul10:55 yashi11:10 Hot pink11:20 rubberboy11:35 Lonesome Doormen11:45 Loop Station12:00 Zoli12:10 kitten12:25 Toshio12:45 Dammit12:55 Sparlke motion1:05 Sing along with Chicken & Hal1:25 show endsThe Catwalk Club172 S. WashingtonSeattle, WA 98102(206) 622-1863Krob is our music confabulator. He is a soundscape artists and video collage mixer. His work is disturbing and hysterical. Undescribable.Dr. Hal Robins is the founder of the Church of the Subgenius. The sage of the Odeon Bar, he is all knowing, all seeing. Hal mentally bench presses language and has thousands of poem committed to memory including the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the Prophet and many JRR Tolkien just to name a few. As a member of the scientific community, amateur paleontologist Dr. Hal will give a 30 minute slide show of the history of dinosaurs. It may sound a bit wholesome, but this show is the most fascinating, relevant and astute social commentary on our culture today. No shit.http://www.subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devivals/LA-SF2000/1head/ 1head.html click through the pictures it's fun!Will Franken weaves countless comedic characters into a ridiculious web that captures you and will not let you go. The first time I saw him I almost peed my pants. He is really funny.http://willfranken.com/Sparkle Motion is 5 girls trapped in a spandex time warped performance humility experiment. A show that started in a bedroom mirror with a hairbrush for a microphone… but then Chicken John gave them a stage…The Famous are an avant-country group. Their hit; Daly City Lady will be blasting out of Caprice Classics’ all over the country any minute now. Call their hot line:1-800-2FAMOUShttp://www.thefamous.net/Roky Roulette is the worlds only pogo stick jumping strip tease artist. He takes it all off without ever missing a jump. Awesome!!!http://www.loficustoms.com/artshows/mar_2004/images/roky6.jpgMaxwell Coldpepper, Master of Forbidden Arts will perform a mysterious magical re-animation of a GOLEM!!!! SCARY!!!!!Jascha Ephraim is a new wave leotard disaster. His music is urban contemporary. An eclectic mix of Prince, easy listening and Devo. But when you listen to the lyrics it’s punk fucking rock. His song “It’s raining astronauts” is just plain wrong. But the casual laise-faire feel good song of the 70’s vibe is morbid and silly. His show includes a wonderment of visuals displayed on mammoth screen on stage that he can’t stop looking at as he’s singing. He’s a weird guy.http://www.jaschaephraim.com/Kellita from the Hot Pink Feathers has an award winning ass. No shit, at the international burlesque festival in NYC last year she won an award for having the best ass in burlesque. You’ll see why. Kellita will dance to Samba grooves and generally be the most energetic and cute thing in our show.http://www.hotpinkfeathers.com/Daniel Browning Smith is the Rubberboy. Star of stage and screen (most notably next seasons’ Carnival) Daniel is the son Chicken never had. The most flexible man alive, his show will leave you feeling like you are 2 dimensional. The only thing more twisted than his body is the dialog that you will share with him while he sticks his elbow in his ear, puts his chin on his spine and wraps his quaint southern demeanor around your heart.http://www.therubberboy.com/The door is a lonely place, especially at the Odeon Bar, where a doorman sees a great many things but doesn’t have anyone to tell them about. So we gave Burke and Phoenix 15 minutes of stage time to recall and recount the endless strange nights that have given them the wisdom to help make the word a better place, but not enough for them to get a real job.Loop Station is the name of an effects pedal used by singer Robin and chellist Sam to create endless layers of sound-on-sound replacing the standard band mold. The result is intimate, powerful music that totally rocks. Loop Station is the most interesting musical act that ever graced the Odeon stage.http://www.pattontrader.com/xtrememusic/portfolio/loopstation.htmlZoli is an idiot.Kitten on the Keys. What can I say about the best piano player in SF? (although I heard she really sucks on the organ!). Kitten is a cute-as-button, with foot fetish, a giant vibrator and a ukulele. Her song “Grandma sells my panties on E-bay” is going to stay in your mind for months. Her voice is in the realm of Keely Smith or a gospel singer. And her mind is in the gutter.http://www.suzanneramsey.net/Toshio Hirano. Old tyme country western from way out East. Toshio is the most sincere performer I have ever met. He learned Jimmy Rodgers’ song repertoire whilst still residing in his native Japan. Before he learned English. Engrish. He is damn good, and his love for country blues is monumental. Adorable.Dammit the Amazing Wonder Dog is 15 years old this year. Dammit has had crowds cheering since her first tour with Circus Redickuless in 1994 and shows no sign of stopping. She might not jump as high or bite as hard, but she is still the act that no one wants to go on after. Her routine of tricks has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people and every one of them points and says “That damn dog!!!”http://www.dammit.org/circus/Sing Along With Chicken & Hal is a small combo of musicians including Chicken John on guitar and Dr. Hal singing. A ridiculous journey that illuminates the forgotten songs of the past by spicing them up and Hal laying them down. A very unlikely but very good rockin' romp.... really fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Country fried Critter on the Keys @ Hootenanny 9/19 Mission Rock www.kittymusic.com

HootenannySunday, September 192pm - Midnight$10 Pre-Sale. $15 in Costume, $20 without----/ Event Description /-----------------------------------------------Summer Hootenanny************************Boot-Stompin’ Music. Late Summer Sun. Barbeque.Lynchburg Lemonades. Big Hats. Big Hair.Performers:Sean Lee’s One Man ShowRunaway Truck TrampsCritter on the Keys and Mr. Tinkler, with Guest Rodney AustinThe Gun and Doll ShowThe WhoreshoesRockstar Roulette by BLAMO!The Yard Dogs Road Show WITH Bootleg Campfire SongsDust Devil DJ Mr. PhoenixDaisy Duke Go-Go DancersMasters of Ceremonies: Flash and LeightonHouse, breaks, hip hop, funk DJs: DJ Seven, Laird, M3, Smoove,and Charlotte the Baroness.HOOTENANNY will be the best way to spend a late Summerafternoon and night on the Bay. A powerhouse line-up of edgycountry-western phenoms, classic Southern grub and drinkspecials, and heavy doses of humor, games, and hotties will fillout a long hot day. DJs fresh off the Playa... free mechanical bullrides...We expect a lot of hollerin’ as well as hootin’.Pre-sale tickets online athttp://hootenanny.be----/ Venue Info /------------------------------------------------------Kelly's Mission Rock817 Terry Francois (off 3rd Street in China Basin)San Francisco415-626-5355http://kellysmissionrock.com

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Polkacide and Kitten on your Radio and at 12 Galaxies!
Don't Miss KUSF 's 90.3 FM Interview with Kitten and members of Polkacide 3:30 PM 8/19! Win tickets to the 12 Galaxies show!
A kielbasa shakin' show for August!
Polkacide/Kitten on The Keys
8/21 Saturday 9PM $8.00
12 Galaxies 12 Galaxies 2565 Mission Street @ 22nd San Francisco, CA . 94110 415-970-9777 info@12galaxies.com
Polkacide-San Francisco's own cult polkateers! PLUS The naughty piano pandemonium of Kitten On The Keys
Sponsored by KUSF 90.3 FM www.kusf.org
www.polkacide.com www.kittymusic.com www.kusf.org THANKS!

Friday, August 13, 2004

WOW!This is a super duper bizzy beaver month!Come out and hear some tail waggin' tunes!8/13 Kitten sings with SF Famous Burly Orchestra www.sfburlesque.comOdeon 3223 Mission at Valencia 10 PM ish with Lollies, Roky Roulette,Count Smokula from LA, Mad V Dog, Gorilla X8/14 San Francisco Short Underground Film FestivalBridge Theater on GearyLive Pianistic Pandemonium with Vinsantos, Peaches Christ, Kitten and KennyCheck out Mr. Tinkler and Kitten as Mom and Pop in Vinsantos' film"Vertiga"Midnight Mass www.peacheschrist.com8/15 Miss KiKi Kakane, ukulele molester, sings a tropical ditty!Spectacular! Spectacular! Presents Atomic JungleAll Star Cast! Club DNA floor show at 10PM More details www.spectacularspectacular.comwww.dnalounge.com8/17 Speakeasily w/ Kitten and Mr. Tinkler as the FirkeytoodlersCaburlesque Cuties-The LolliesThe Baron of Bounce- Roky Roulette$5.00 Weimar Perversions at Rock Bottom PricesOakland's Mile High Clubwww.oaklandmilehigh.com8/19 Sick of Silke at the Odeon 3223 Mission at ValenciaSf Weekly's Silke Tudor Moves to NY! Say good-bye and party down w/w/ Mark Growden, Bean Weevils, Roky Roulette, DR Hal and MOREwww.odeonbar.com8/21 Polka PARTYPolkacide and Kitten on the Keysbrought to you by KUSF 90.3 FMwww.12galaxies.com 8 bucksListen to KUSF for your chance to win tickets!www.polkacide.com8/27 San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Revue12 Galaxies Mission and 22nd with The Lollies, Roky Roulette, Kitten, Mad V Dog, Roxy Shocks, Desire D'Amour, and MORE!www.sfburlesque.comwww.12galaxies.comPHEW! Hope to see you there!xxxxoooo Kittenwww.kittymusic.com

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hot Socks Folks!Speakeasily 8/17/2004
Doors at 8PM Show at 9PMSan Francisco's premiere risque ivory tickler and glamour puss songbird,Kitten on the Keys, crosses the Bay Bridge to purr her sweet andhot Tin Pan Alley ditties with the very frightening
Mr. Tinkler on vocalsand ukulele!
(As dark duo known as The Firkeytoodlers!)
The Original Award Winning Caburlesque Cuties The Lollies will lead you on asultry Walk on the Wild Side, delightfully sweeping you off with theirmesmerizing Sally Rand Fan dance and will shake their fringes to the classictunes of yesteryear...
Hold on to your hats, your hearts and your date¹s hand!The Devastating Sin Francisco Treat-Roky Roulette will leave you feelingjumpy and screaming for more, more, more!
Don¹t miss a crumb!
Weimar Perversions at Rock Bottom Prices!Oakland -Style Jazz Age Vaudevillian Kulture-FestMile High Meter Dancers for Hire!Tuesday 8/17/2004Speakeasily The Mile High Club3629 Martin Luther King Dir WayOakland, CA 94609510-654-4549$5.00speakeasily@gmail.comwww.oaklandmilehigh.comwww.kittymusic.comt www.thelollies.net mrtinkler@yahoo.comwww.rokyroulette.com

Friday, July 23, 2004

For Immediate Release-A kielbasa shakin' show for August!Polkacide/Kitten on The Keys 8/21 Saturday 9PM $8.0012 Galaxies12 Galaxies2565 Mission Street @ 22ndSan Francisco, CA . 94110415-970-9777 info@12galaxies.com Polkacide-San Francisco's own cult polkateers!PLUSThe naughty piano pandemonium of Kitten On The KeysSponsored by KUSF 90.3 FM www.kusf.orgwww.polkacide.comwww.kittymusic.com www.kusf.orgTHANKS!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Great Triple Bill!
The Dead Hensens-playing your fave Muppet Show and Sesame Street Songs!

Dr. Abacus- Come bounce off the walls with their Caffeinated wierd jazz, cartoon jazz, Zappa Jazz, flamboyant jazz and more!

Kitten On the Keys- This saucy chantuese and pianist will pitch your tent with her titilating kooky kinky musical shenanigans!

$6.00 9PM
12 Galaxies
2565 Mission at 22nd
San Francisco, CA 94110
Great Triple Bill!
The Dead Hensens-playing your fave Muppet Show and Sesame Street Songs!

Dr. Abacus- Come bounce off the walls with their Caffeinated wierd jazz, cartoon jazz, Zappa Jazz, flamboyant jazz and more!

Kitten On the Keys- This saucy chantuese and pianist will pitch your tent with her titilating kooky kinky musical shenanigans!

$6.00 9PM
12 Galaxies
2565 Mission at 22nd
San Francisco, CA 94110

Thursday, June 17, 2004

place: The Box Shop
address: 10 Hunter's Point Blvd.
date: June 19, 2004
time: 4:00 PM
price: $7-$21 Sliding Scale:

The X-tra Action Marching Band is going to Europe!
From Amsterdam to Sarajevo
Kitten On the Keys plays between 8-9PM

details: Early Show! 4pm-1am.

Discounted Beer Courtesy of Lagunitas Brewing Co.
21+ with ID:
Bring Food for BBQ
The Yard Dogs Road Show
Mr. Lucky
The Vau de Vire Society
Wink Pain
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
Rocky Roulette
Strange Bone on the E-Z Organ
As Is Brass Band
Yo-Yo King
Margo of the Lollies
Kitten on the Keys
The Smelly Zoatrope
Hot New DJ Gary Radnich
Eugenia and Blaze
Blotar's Flame Canon
DJ Big Daddy
Rock Star Bartenders
Extra Action Marching Band
and Surprise Guests

Suzanne Ramsey
Kitten On the Keys new CD out NOW!
Kitten On the Keys at Xtra Action Benefit 6/19

Monday, May 31, 2004

See Kitten On The Keys at the Mission Creek Music Festival
Bed Ins at the Hemlock Tavern on Polk Street!

Kitten and a host of other musical artists will be performing......IN BED!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Come see my pal Joshua Ellingson's artwork!
Thru July at
Kid Robot
1512 Haight Street in San Francisco

Josh did the cover of my new CD!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Fresh from a lively cabaret in France,
Kitten on the Keys returns to her beloved home away from
home, The Rite Spot Cafe!
5/24 Monday
2099 Folsom Street
Free 9PM
Libations and nibbles available!
Pianistic Pandemonium and MORE!
Kitten's brand new CD will be available for purchase!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Happy Happy!
Please save the date for a wacky fun filled evening of
saucy shenanigans!

Kitten on the Keys third CD,"(it's not a) Pretty Princess Day",
(Rug Burn Records 003)
will have an official release Party in San Francisco,
Friday,June 18, 2004.

Joining Kitten will be her fabulous performing pals-

The Lollies-www.thelollies.net
Rodney Austin-www.rodneyland.com
Mr Tinkler-Of Flipper and Polkacide Fame
Roky Roulette-www.rokyroulette.com
The artwork of Joshua Ellingson-www.joshuaellingson.com

and other guest stars!

June 18, 2004-save the date!
The Odeon Bar
3223 Mission Street (at Valencia)


(PS It's also Kitten's Birthday!)

CD will be available late April... email me if you would like to
pre-order it!

Lapping up a bowl of cream,
Kitten On The Keys
Suzanne Ramsey

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Wicked Messenger 4.11 (Being for the Benefit of Heather MacAllister)
Easter Sunday, April 11, 7pm
The Dark Room (formerly Mission Records)
2263 Mission between 18th and 19th
$5, 18 and over
Catering by Ya Mo Thai Kitchen at 18th and Mission

The 21st century variant kabaret returns with a benefit for Big Burlesque's Heather MacAllister!
Heather was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so please come show your support.

The Lollies with Kitten on the Keys (girl burlesque)
Roky Roulette (boy burlesque)
Larry, Hall & Jack (queer music)
Dattner (comedy)
butcH Greenblatt (queerer music)
Karuna Tanahashi (slam poetry)
...and an open mic. (anarchy)
Hosted by Sherilyn Connelly. (don't ask)

Did I mention the free Thai food? You really don't want to miss this one.


Thursday, April 08, 2004

Kitten Plays at the Rite Spot
2099 Folsom at 17th
San Francisco 4/13
Naughty tunes and flapper faves!
San Francisco's Original Famous Burlesque Revue
returns to the
The 12 Galaxies
2565 Mission Street at 22nd
9PM Saturday, April 17th!
Amazing 8 Piece Orchestra Provides the Live Bump and Grind!
Award winning Burlesque and Live MUSIC who could ask for anything more?

Another tantalizing and titillating SHOW
Starring Caburlesque Cuties:
The Lollies
Musical Monkeyshines:
Kitten On the Keys
San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Orchestra!
Roxy Shocks-Sizzling Solo Siren
The Devastating Roky Roulette
San Francisco's Favorite MC Mad V Dog
Gorilla X-Gorilla To the Stars!
DJ Delachaux
And very special surprise guests!D
Advanced Tickets $12
Tickets at Door $15
Tickets available at www.virtuous.com


Come See the ORIGINAL, SEXY, WILD and ZANY Burlesque Revue!!! San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Revue, starring those sultry sirens of burlesque, The Lollies, bloomed out of the magnificent manifold of San Francisco's enchanting nocturne. Provoked by the brassy bombastic swagger of SF's Famous Burlesque Orchestra, the Revue features some of the top burlesque and cabaret acts: the frisky frolics of singer Kitten on the Keys, solos by Roxy Shocks, Margot Montmartre, the devastating Roky Roulette, plus San Francisco's favorite emcee Mad V. Dog, amazing special guests and more! DJ Delachaux spins splashy dance tunes after the show.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Kitten On The Keys does stand up Comedy with her trusty piano!
Great lineup! A Smorgasbord of women's Humor!
May 15, 2004 at Herbst Theater!
See link above for more information!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

San Francisco's Wild, Sexy and Famous Burlesque Revue goes into Interstellar Variety Overdrive at 12 Galaxies, the Mission District’s newest, rockin’ nightclub.
All live music and performance on Friday, March 26. The show starts at 10 pm.
DJ Delachaux before and after the show!

See: the sexy darlings of dance - The Lollies - rev up your rockets!

Hear: the heavenly songs and parallel dimension patter of chanteuse Suzanne Ramsey, Miss Kitten on the Keys!

Feel: the devastating Roky Roulette blast off to gravity-defying feats!

Gaze: in Awe at the blazing Super Nova of beauty, Roxy Shocks!

Wonder: how SF’s Famous Burlesque Orchestra can concentrate on the music while surrounded by gorgeous, scantily clad babes!

Hurl: foreign objects at Pathological Punster and San Francisco’s favorite emcee, Mad V. Dog!

Drink: at 12 Galaxies they mix cocktails that are out of this world!

12 Galaxies is located on Mission Street between 21st and 22nd Streets.
Tickets are $13 in advance at www.virtuous.com and $15 at the door.
For more information visit: thelollies.net, 12galaxies.com, sfburlesque.com, suzanneramsey.net

Monday, March 01, 2004

Kitten On the Keys is delighted to be a part of a very special
Cabaret Burlesque Show at the IDEAL Festival in Nantes, France.
Kitten de Ville
MiMi Le Meaux
Kitty Diggins
Dirty Martini
St Jasmine
and your musical MC Kitten will entertain you with their sassy moves and musical mayhem
March 5th and 6th.

Kitten On The Keys will be performing live March 6th in The Box Elder
Record Shoppe in Nantes in the afternoon. Be the first in Europe to hear new ditties!! Free!Afternoon start time TBA

Hear live Kitten performances on

And then a week in Paris should do me some good!

See you when I get back!

Friday, February 20, 2004

Kitten's French Kiss
Rite Spot Cafe 2/23
Catch Kitten On the Keys Pianistic Pandemonium
Monday Night, 9PM Free
Rite Spot Cafe 2099 Folsom @ 17th

Kitten is heading off to perform in France early March...
so she'll be playing some French themed ditties to get
inspired! .....ummmmmm
maybe she'll even sneak a tongue in... OH!

Libations and snackeee-poos.

Monday, February 16, 2004

The Balboa Theater Birthday Party
2/26/04 Thursday
3630 Balboa Street @ 38th Ave
San Francisco 415 221-8184
A Trip to the Moon
Felix The Cat
Wings starring Clara Bow!
Live Original Score By Nik Phelps!!!!!!!
Peppy fun time Flapperette Faves by Kitten On the Keys
Magician James Hamilton
very special guest William Wellman Jr!
Birthday Cake!

People who came last year are calling to say they can’t wait. It is certain to be a sell out. For that reasons we have decided to offer advance ticket sales. Starting today you can buy advance tickets for the showing of WINGS on Thursday, February 26. All seats will be $10.00. They are available at the Balboa box office during operating hours. You’ll have the least wait if you avoid show times. Sorry, passes cannot be accepted for this show because of our contractual agreements.
 And what will $10 get you? 
The doors will open at 7pm. As you enter the auditorium there will be a program of original theater lantern slides and live piano music from Kitten on the Keys’ Suzanne Ramsey.
At 7:30 we’ll show previews of coming attractions for silent films followed by Felix the Cat in ASTRONOMEOWS plus George Melies' A TRIP TO THE MOON accompanied by Nik Phelps of Sprocket Ensemble with his original scores.
Then our vaudeville show brings back by popular demand magician extraordinaire James Hamilton and Ms. Ramsey singing some very appropriate songs. There will be great door prizes including classic film DVDs and videos, passes and a photoplay edition of WINGS (courtesy of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival).

After the intermission our very special guest William Wellman Jr. will introduce his father’s classic adventure romance, WINGS. Set during World War I, it stars Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Charles “Buddy” Rogers and a very young Gary Cooper. WINGS won “Best Picture” at the very first Academy Awards. Nik Phelps and pianist Larry Dunlap will return with a new musical score written by Phelps for our screening. We will screen a 35mm print of WINGS. Following the showing the audience is invited into the lobby for birthday cake and drinks. Audience members are encouraged to dress in clothing of the 1920s.
This evening is being presented in association with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  We know that many people can’t come out during a weeknight and in response to last year’s requests we will have an encore screening of WINGS on Saturday morning, Feb. 28 at 10am. We will only show the feature and it will have an excellent prerecorded musical score. Admission will be only $5.00 for everyone. 

Suzanne Ramsey >^..^<
Rug Burn Records

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Kitten On the Keys @ Rite Spot
2099 Folsom @ 17th in San Francisco
tuesday Feb 10th!
Monday Feb 23rd!
9PM Free
Get frisky with Kitten !
Kitten On the Keys
Special Engagement!
Ramsey Rocks Ryokos!
Piano Bar MADNESS!
Thursdays Feb 5th , 12th, and 19th
Downtown San Francisco's BEST Sushi and Japanese
619 Taylor Street (between Post and Sutter)
415 775-1028
9-11 PM Admission is Free
Ramsey Rocks and Yoshi Rolls! Variety of Fun Music!

Sunday, January 04, 2004

AMNESIA Tonight 1/4/04
853 Valencia @ 19th
Club Runs from
8:30 pm 2:00 am - Sunday -7 bucks, 5 if you dress in your cabaret best

Featuring: Black and Blue Burlesque, The Music of Rob Reich and Friends,
and Kitten On The Keys (Suzanne Ramsey).

Kitten does 2 sets at approx 10:30 and Midnight......
Suzanne pulls out her favorite Mae West, Dietrich, Shirley Temple, Annette Hanshaw, Ruth Etting, boop dooop a doopiness of Helen Kane and much much more!
Loveable and Sweet and Down and Dirty! Enchanting instrumentals and
vivacious vocals! www.suzanneramsey.net

TINGLE TANGLE is a spicy little hole in the wall with red light shining
through the window, creaking out foxy fox trots, cabaret chansons,
tangos and le hot hot jazz every first and third Sunday at Amnesia. The
champagne is cold, the company’s warm and the dancers are ready to take
you for a ride, taxi style.

Sass! Sequins! Songs!

My photo

Bay Area native pianist and singer Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys . www.suzanneramsey.net kittykeys@gmail.com